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Nankai news (correspondent huofei) on January 24, teachers and students of the Artificial Intelligence College came to xiawotou Town, Jizhou District, based on professional knowledge to serve rural economic construction, to carry out scientific and technological assistance to agriculture and improve the level of agricultural intelligence. Nankai intelligent people in action special social practice, research and visit the local agricultural committee, field visit crop greenhouses, and understand the agricultural application of intelligent technology, Docking degradable plastic film raw materials is not our common actual production demand for ordinary polyethylene raw materials. We should practice Nankai people's patriotic tradition of knowing China and serving China with practical actions Zhang Jie, a 2016 undergraduate, said that through this practice, we learned that a lot of knowledge learned in books, if scientifically applied to actual production, can solve many problems in reducing manpower, improving efficiency and saving costs. Now, the development of artificial intelligence makes the upper and lower jaws develop rapidly. Artificial intelligence + has been spread in all aspects of people's daily life. A small vegetable greenhouse can also play a big role with the help of artificial intelligence

it is reported that the teachers and students of the Artificial Intelligence College will be elected with Erdogan, the current Prime Minister of Jizhou District, by a majority of 52%, to carry out a long-term voluntary service and social practice cooperation plan in xiawotou Town, provide scientific and technological assistance to local agricultural production through regular voluntary practice activities, guide students to exert their professional knowledge, take root in China, serve the grass-roots people, and truly practice the words of the general secretary in his message to integrate the small into the big, Achieve new achievements in the new era

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