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Strategic Marketing -- breaking the deadlock of competition in the wire and cable market

strategy is choice, strategy is positioning, strategy is also Tao, Tao can be Tao, extraordinary Tao. Every industry is zigzagging forward in the spiral. The photoelectric cable industry is now in another upward spiral. After replacing the pendulum and the sample base, this inflection point poses a challenge to all cable enterprises. Do not change from the thinking mode, do not take a long view, do not review their own development path from a strategic perspective, and only know that having a curve to show that working hard will become a constraint for cable enterprises Even the biggest intellectual barrier for the entire cable industry to achieve a leap

the loss of many cable enterprises in breaking through lies in their failure to penetrate into the essence of the cable industry and produce a correct strategic thinking to condense value and produce value fission, while the development path of the cable industry is getting farther and farther...

at present, the competition in the cable industry is becoming increasingly fierce, facing the increasingly competitive Chinese cable market, facing the declining profit trend of the cable industry and the serious homogeneity of products and models, How to quickly break the deadlock of cable market competition

if we want to effectively solve the above problems, we can't only consider the internal factors of the enterprise. That is likely to fall into the misunderstanding of seeing only trees but not forests. We need to think about the whole industry background of the cable market and find the answer from the system. Although the pattern of big brands in the cable industry has not yet been formed, if judged according to the following five factors, our new polyurethane baycusan? C 1010 can help easily realize these two seemingly difficult requirements. It can be concluded that the cable industry is currently in the stage of competitive integration

1. After years of operation, the cable market has formed a large market share and tends to be saturated

2. The cable industry lacks leading brands, and many small and medium-sized cable enterprises coexist. At present, in China's cable market, many cable enterprises are competing for limited market share

3. The cable industry has a single means of competition. Price war and simple advertising have gradually become the mainstream of competition in the cable industry

4. There are not many innovations in the cable industry, and there is a lack of effective system profit model. The overall return on investment in the cable industry has decreased year by year. An important feature of the competitive integration period of the cable industry is that through the systematic innovation and structural integration of some cable enterprises, it is likely to quickly appear leading brands in the industry and lead the development of the whole industry. Therefore, if a cable enterprise can quickly stand out in the current competitive landscape, it is likely to establish a strong and lasting competitive advantage in the future market competition

then, how should cable enterprises operate in order to quickly establish a strong and lasting competitive advantage? The author believes that simple tactical competition, such as the simple breakthrough of cable products and brands, is difficult to solve the increasingly complex structured marketing problems of enterprises. If cable enterprises want to truly establish their own core competitiveness, they must stand at the height of the system, use strategic marketing means, and solve the growth dilemma of enterprises through new backgrounds, new rules, and new perspectives

traditional imitation marketing leads to the convergence of marketing strategies and increasingly fierce competition. Expand scale marketing, grow a little meat, the larger the scale, the lower the profit, the increasing cost, vicious competition makes the cost consumption, and the profit is even thinner

the marketing changes of enterprises come from the outside rather than the inside. The opportunity of the enterprise must also be external. It is an unchanging rule to adapt to external changes and ultimately succeed

throughout the cable marketing, what is the breakthrough of the existing marketing model? If the enterprise can be transformed from passive to active, it can guide the market and ultimately lead the market. Only when the enterprise is recognized by the market, the development of the enterprise will be long-term. Enterprises that adapt to the market need to further control the market, which has become the biggest resistance to the development of current cable enterprises, in which products have become the focus. From the perspective of the development of cable enterprises, most enterprises follow blindly, resulting in little control over the market, passive marketing and no direction, which increases the risk of enterprise development. From the development experience of foreign well-known cable enterprises, they have experienced a long-term experience of greatly improving the current situation of manufacturing industry in California, research and development, forming their own development characteristics, and then expanding and developing. While Chinese cable enterprises tend to grow first, blindly emphasize the improvement of sales, and regard product sales as the biggest goal of the enterprise, and then determine the development direction and route of the enterprise, resulting in greater difficulty in transformation, A little carelessness will lead to atrophy or even termination

marketers believe that the strategic marketing of enterprises mainly includes six elements

first, background conversion. From another perspective and background, we will see a completely different interphone industry, and the market prospect may become open in an instant

second, reposition. The repositioning of enterprise strategy and marketing will enable enterprises to enter a new market space and obtain corresponding competitive advantages, leading to the huge improvement of enterprise competitiveness and the rapid growth of market share

third, structural remodeling. The reasonable construction of enterprise industrial structure and brand structure will strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises and realize the maximization of enterprise value

fourth, resource integration. Effective resource integration and innovative utilization can maximize the effective use of enterprise resources

fifth, value innovation. Whether in interphone or other industries, systematic value innovation is the most effective way for enterprises to develop at a high speed

sixth, reshape values. Whether an enterprise has suitable and long-term values is the spiritual guarantee for its foundation

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