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Strategic management changes must lead the whole process of investment

Crookston college is a secondary college of the University of Minnesota in the Crookston area, which is a two-year agricultural college mainly for enrollment in Minnesota. 1993 was undoubtedly the darkest day for people in cruxton campus. Finally, the president of the University of Minnesota couldn't help it anymore. He made an appointment with Don Sargent, the dean of Croxton college, and told him in a very euphemistic tone that Croxton campus would soon become a historical term

Sargent turned pale. He knew he was facing a severe test, but he would never be reconciled to the bankruptcy and bankruptcy of Croxton college. Therefore, he forced the spirit of 12 points to convince the president of the University of Minnesota with thousands of reasons that cruxton college would soon turn losses into wins. Surprisingly, Sargent won, and the University of Minnesota promised to let the cruxton campus continue to survive

of course, employees on cruxton campus learned almost overnight that Sargent begged the University of Minnesota for a chance for the college to be reborn. However, whether Croxton college can really be reborn, no one has a spectrum in their hearts

in order to wash away the shame of cruxton campus as soon as possible because of the depletion of students, Sagai invented the direct detection of impact testing machine, and gent hired a professional strategic management team from the market to plan and promote the long-term plan for a better future of cruxton college. For cruxton college, the so-called strategic management is to have a gorgeous common vision that can be operated and implemented, so that people can be induced to participate in the implementation of the resurrection cruxton campus. This equipment is an equipment plan specially designed for the power line zigzag experiment according to the requirements of GB4706, IEC60335, ul859:4.2, ul1005:3.9 and other standard terms and conditions, aiming at the variety and shape of household appliances

therefore, with the help of a professional strategic advisory organization, Sargent and his assistants designed a long-term plan to build cruxton college into a technical school within four years. However, how to turn this abstract common vision into an implementable strategic plan

at this critical moment, as the CEO of cruxton campus, Sargent played a key role. He pointedly pointed out, "every student should be equipped with a laptop." People all think he is crazy. As we all know, cruxton campus is facing the dilemma of "the enrollment rate continues to be low, and plastic companies have a wide range of customer networks". Adding portable computer equipment will undoubtedly significantly increase tuition fees, which seems unreasonable

"without fundamental change, we will soon be finished." Everyone agrees with Sargent's words. However, Sargent also believes that "to fundamentally change, we must carry out organizational (agriculture → Technology) transformation, that is, we must raise tuition fees, although there are many obstacles."

as a result of the debate, Sargent led the staff door of the cruxton campus to rent computers from outside and distribute them to the students. And the price that every student who gets a computer pays is to add 250 yuan of technical fees each semester

because almost all the rented laptops are old computers, their performance is very backward. Now, even students have joined the ranks of the opposition. It is widely believed that Sargent's practice in cruxton campus is really crazy. The only way out of the dilemma is to turn to the University of Minnesota, so Sargent had to bite the bullet and go to the University of Minnesota board for help. After many twists and turns, the board of directors of the University of Minnesota finally approved the 10million yuan fund Sargent wanted to buy a new computer after fierce debate

the moment he learned the good news, it was Friday afternoon, and Sargent immediately faxed an order to IBM. After the order was confirmed, Sargent immediately found a driver and drove to North Carolina to tow the computer on Saturday morning. It was already 2:30 a.m. on Monday when the computer arrived at the cruxton campus. Sargent, with fiveorsix people, had already been waiting there. After they removed the computer from the car, they quickly sent the computer to more than 900 students on the list by number with the help of IBM personnel. No one sent any notice, but the students came. They seemed to know that the computer would come

by 5 p.m., more than 90% of the students had got the new computer. This is a legendary story at Croxton college

the implementation of the new strategy has finally achieved remarkable results. By 1996, despite the increase of $900 in computer fees in addition to $3000 in tuition fees; However, the full-time enrollment rate of the cruxton campus has increased by nearly 25 percentage points, and the number of elective courses on the campus has increased by more than nine times mythically. In addition, students' satisfaction has also been greatly improved

when summing up successful experience, Sargent proudly said, "leaders must invest in" organizational change. Indeed, Sargent said it from the bottom of his heart, and the employees of cruxton college tacitly understood this. They all know that Sargent is not only very involved in the macro level of strategy implementation, but also in some supporting micro levels of cement testing equipment listed below, which actively participate in each training course

other schools saw the success of Croxton campus and followed suit, but the effect was greatly discounted. The root cause is that its main leaders are not directly involved in the strategic management changes of the organization

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