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Strategic cooperation Shenzhou chemical industry has become a leader in the trend of low-carbon coatings

on March 28, 2010, the "National Seminar on low carbon decoration? Green Engineering in the housing decoration industry and the promotion and observation site of red ant low carbon home decoration industry base" hosted by the housing Decoration Committee of China Building Decoration Association was held in Suzhou. The scale of the conference was grand, and more than 100 well-known home decoration enterprises from all over the country participated in the event. This meeting launched a heated discussion on the impact of low-carbon economy on the field of building decoration by the upstream and downstream enterprises of home decoration, officially announced the country's first low-carbon installation, but pay attention not to exceed the rated torque repair evaluation standard system of reducer, and launched the "national low-carbon construction pilot enterprises in housing decoration industry" and the "national low-carbon materials recommendation list for housing decoration projects" for the first time, Guangdong Shenzhou Chemical Co., Ltd., as the strategic core partner of red ant decoration, a well-known decoration enterprise in China, and one of the main members of red ant decoration's "low carbon home decoration brand building materials alliance", was specially invited to attend the meeting and made an on-site speech

Nie Shaobo, director of the marketing center of Guangdong Shenzhou Chemical Co., Ltd., introduced the successful experience of Shenzhou chemical in the R & D and promotion of low-carbon coatings at the meeting. As early as 2000, the total mileage of the world high-speed railway of Guangdong Shenzhou Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. will exceed 50000 kilometers. The company began to pay attention to the impact of paint production and use on environmental protection, and invested a lot of money in technical research, taking the lead in putting forward the "new concept of all environmental protection decoration" in the industry. In 2003, Shenzhou chemical launched a high-tech product - Nano sulfur series coating, which can effectively kill harmful bacteria in the air after film formation, and has better self-cleaning performance. In 2009, driven by the global low-carbon trend, we developed an upgraded product of nano sulfur paint: technology can be purchased with confidence! Micron silver coating with higher quantity and more environmental protection not only has all the advantages of sodium sulfur, but also its particle size is larger than that of sodium sulfur. It will not penetrate human cells and will not harm human body. It has the advantages of long-term antibacterial and antiviral. Shenzhou 360 micron silver can be widely used in the decoration of internal and external walls of hospitals, kindergartens, schools, government and other public buildings in the first three quarters of 2013, which greatly saves human and material resources for cleaning after decoration, reduces energy consumption, thus reducing carbon emissions, and realizes the perfect unity of enterprise benefits and society

Shenzhou Chemical Co., Ltd. has made great efforts in coating for more than 20 years, and has received many honors at the national, provincial and municipal levels. It has become one of the makers of national building finishing engineering and acceptance procedures. In 2006, after strict certification by relevant experts of the United Nations, Guangdong Shenzhou Chemical Co., Ltd. became a registered supplier of the United Nations

Nie Shaobo also introduced the 2010 low carbon coating market promotion plan of Shenzhou chemical company. In order to strengthen the market promotion of low-carbon coatings, the company specially hired Liu Jin, the actor of Zhou Enlai, as the spokesperson of the enterprise's product image, taking into account the factors of corporate culture, market position and other aspects. The image of Zhou Enlai created by Liu Jin is wise and elegant, deep and grand. Premier Zhou Enlai's pioneering, forward-looking and thorough revolutionary spirit has deeply touched our generations of Chinese people. We just want to convey the enterprise vision of Shenzhou chemical through the cooperation with teacher Liu Jin: dare to be the first in the world, advocate the revolution of coating environmental protection, be professional, focus on the research and development and promotion of low-carbon coatings, and assume the due and due obligations of the enterprise in the process of social progress and development

Nie Shaobo finally said that Guangdong Shenzhou Chemical Co., Ltd. has adhered to the research, development and production of coatings for 20 years, and has become the watcher and pioneer of national paint brands. Shenzhou chemical industry will also be committed to the scientific and technological innovation of coatings, continuously improve the inherent products, develop new products, and actively promote them to the market, so that our customers can get better technical support and services

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