Benzene is the most bad news, and the main product

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Bad accounting for the main benzene in the future, the main products may fall in a narrow range

Klaus mafi company will introduce the special clean room requirements for injection molding machines. According to the monitoring data of Steel Union coal chemical industry, on the 16th, Shanxi Jinyang coking crude benzene bid, with a transaction of 6980 yuan/ton, which shows that the transaction price of crude benzene is still in a downward trend

the market price of crude benzene continues to decline, and the market price in mainstream areas is yuan/ton. The mainstream transaction price in Shandong fell to 7500 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price in Shanxi continued to decline, with mainstream yuan/ton. There is no good in the market, and it is difficult to change the crude benzene stalemate in the short term. It is expected that there is still room for prices to fall

the coking benzene market is on the sidelines at a high level. Due to the weakening of cost support and the strong mentality of downstream buying pressure, the benzene processing plant's quotation mentality is firm again, replacing the original sintering method with an annual output of 50000 tons of alumina and the production capacity of the post processing system with 400000 tons of alumina. Although there is little support in the market, coking benzene is bearish in the future under the background of no positive demand and cost

the hydrogenation benzene market was weak, and the downstream receiving was cautious, and the overall trading was poor. The operating rate in Shanxi is lower. The cost of hydrogenated benzene continued to weaken. Yesterday, the European and American pure benzene market continued to decline. Affected by this, the Asian pure benzene closing still had the risk of falling further, the external information was dominated by bad news, and the post market high of hydrogenated benzene still had the risk of falling

the inventory level of maleic anhydride market is low, and the quotation mentality of the merchants holding the goods is mostly stable. The cost of maleic anhydride has weakened, the cost pressure remains, and the inventory is limited, but the enthusiasm for receiving goods in the downstream market is not high, the operating rate is not high, and the resistance to high priced raw materials is not reduced. It is expected that the high-end callback pressure in the maleic anhydride market will increase in the short term

the cost support of the main products in the benzene market is weakened, and the downstream factories are generally passive in taking orders, while the pure benzene in the outer market continues to decline. It is expected that the main products in the future market may decline in a narrow range. Water resistance testing machine

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