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On the evening of July 16, the opening ceremony of the 14th FINA World Swimming Championships was held in the stadium of the Oriental Sports Center, known as the "maritime crown". Through CCTV HD broadcast, audiences around the world (more than 190 media at home and abroad, covering 3.5 billion viewers) and live audiences witnessed this unprecedented audio-visual feast of sea, land and air

behind the success of the opening ceremony is the arduous task of communication support 1. Base. As the leading Party and the main force of the communication intensive construction of this world tour, Chinatelecom Shanghai has invested huge human and material resources to carefully plan the business support system and emergency measures, thus providing strong and reliable support for video transmission and on-site communication

"the opening and closing ceremonies of the WorldExpo are level a guarantees, and so are the world tourism competitions; the WorldExpo is level C guarantees on weekdays, and the world tourism competitions will maintain the high standard of level B." The head of Shanghai Telecom NOC (network operation and maintenance center) told that in addition to the dense events and concentrated traffic, in a sense, the overall communication guarantee level of the world tour even exceeded that of the WorldExpo

figure: foreign athletes use Tianyi Wi Fi while walking.

spectators who take the subway to watch the opening ceremony and games do not have to leave the station to see the advertising picture of Chinatelecom "watching the world tour while enjoying free wireless travel". Most of the pictures, videos and text comments of the on-site audience at the opening ceremony were through Shanghai Electric software and interface: software under Windows operating environment and interactive man-machine dialogue operating interface; Send the message first. According to statistics, there were 1444 Wi Fi users and 20234.98m download traffic in dongti center on the 16th day

in order to ensure the video transmission and on-site communication during the opening ceremony of the world tour and during the event, Shanghai Telecom has set up a communication support command center in the NOC Hall of the information park. In the early stage, it has targeted 962288 world tour, Ag equipment of Oriental Sports Center, 800m/cdma/video transmission equipment, circuits on the registration center and dongti building (including dpi+ anti DDoS attack), uplink lines at the exit of IDC machine room where sina is located The broadband lines and circuits of 19 insurance related hotels have been arranged and sorted out, and the "important communication guarantee scheme of Shanghai Telecom NOC 14th World Swimming Championships" has been formulated, including 9 insurance related network guarantee schemes and 6 professional basic network guarantee schemes

on July 16, a total of 33 technical backbones of Shanghai Telecom NOC participated in the guarantee. Eight of them entered the site of dongti center, and the rest were on duty in wusheng building, Nantai building, NOC building and other sites, and opened the 800m cluster in NoC as a security emergency contact

the head of NOC of Shanghai Telecom said that the Department developed the "World Tour support module" in the comprehensive alarm system as early as may this year, and included the support line specified by the network support group into this module to implement real-time monitoring of the line. Referring to the mode of World Expo guarantee, during the opening ceremony of the world tour, special personnel have been assigned to monitor the circuits and equipment involved in the guarantee in real time in the command center, so as to ensure "foolproof"

160 channel full HD rebroadcast, the first exclusive support of Telecom in China

solemn flag raising ceremony, beautiful large-scale performance, impassioned world champion singing... The 60 minute opening ceremony presented an audio-visual feast. As a major feature of this world tour, according to the organizing committee, the entire opening ceremony and subsequent competitions will be broadcast in full HD, with about 160 TV broadcast signals, which is the first time in China

CCTV, the main broadcaster, chose Shanghai Telecom as the only TV transmission partner of the world tour. It was learned that Shanghai Telecom has deployed 160 channels of video optical fiber transmission inside and outside the East Sports Center, and a total of 360 core optical cable HD video signals from the competition venues to IBC (International Radio and Television Center) are converged; Through long-distance transmission (to CCTV 2 × 155m), satellite transmission (3-4 satellite cars, 6-channel high-definition video on the satellite transmitted by Xinzhuang ground station) and other ways to send the opening ceremony and the event to Beijing CCTV general control and domestic and foreign media user sites around the world

dual route protection is fully used for video transmission during deployment, including 2 routes from each venue with good stability to IBC × 48 core, IBC to Xinzhuang satellite station 2 × The 24 core and 2-way 155m transmission are connected to the CCTV master control through different physical routes, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the video transmission link

on the day of the opening ceremony on the 16th, from 0 a.m. to 1 a.m. the next day, Shanghai Telecom provided the ground optical cable link for CCTV for a total of 5190 minutes, and the IBC satellite car rebroadcast for a total of 595 minutes

with the full cooperation, key monitoring and support of all departments of Shanghai Telecom, the video transmission link operated well during the whole opening ceremony, which not only sent valuable pictures to all parts of the world in time, but also provided a useful reference for the video transmission guarantee during the competition

in addition, Shanghai Telecom also set up five service guarantee groups at the world tour site to fully support the smooth broadcast of the event and media communication. The on-site service team of Telecom will enter the World Tour International Broadcasting Center in advance and arrive before the media units from all over the world enter the site. They provide international and domestic long-distance opening services for domestic and foreign TV media, accept and coordinate mediation to solve problems such as line adjustment and network failure in order to develop their own cooling textile technology. From July 11 to 16, 37 international calls have been opened for 12 overseas media, including 22 international calls on July 15. German ZDF TV station requires to open six international long-distance calls. For the first time in the history of telecommunications, the service fee is charged by swiping a foreign currency card. C114 China Communications

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