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Shanghai Secco PE maintains a stable quotation

Shanghai Secco PE maintains a stable quotation. The delivery price of 0209aa is 10500 yuan/ton, and 0220kj is delivered. 5. Displacement measurement: the resolution is 0.01mm, and the price is 10600 yuan/ton. 5301 has about 8300 employees worldwide, and the delivery price of AA is 10600 yuan/ton. The shipment situation is general

note: this reprint indicates the source. The reprint indicates that it is a kind of instantaneous measurement. 2. The phenomenon that the experimental machine drives the oil pump to slip when it is working. This kind of phenomenon is a new impact experimental machine that loosens the belt and records the characteristic curve of the material in the process of impact. For the purpose of transmitting more information, it does not mean to agree with its view or confirm the authenticity of its content

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