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Shanghai Shibang large vertical pulverizer has been successfully rolled off the production line

Shanghai Shibang large vertical pulverizer has been successfully rolled off the production line

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Guide: in the cement production process, a kind of clay high aluminum material and industrial waste (such as slag, fly ash, coal gangue) is used as the main raw material, with 5% special additives added, and the firing temperature is only 700 degrees Celsius, Geopolymers, whose energy consumption is only 1/2 of ordinary cement, have made great progress in the implementation of intellectual property strategy, innovation encouragement, achievement protection, information utilization, etc. in recent years. New cement technology does not need limestone

in the cement production process, a new geopolymer cement technology, which takes clay, specifically high alumina materials and industrial waste residues (such as slag, fly ash, coal gangue) as the main raw materials, adds 5% special additives, requires only 700 ℃ firing temperature, and consumes only 1/2 of ordinary cement. This kind of cement does not need limestone, has low fuel consumption, and can reduce 50% coal combustion, so dust and waste gas are greatly reduced, Moreover, 50% of the raw materials are waste residues. The tensile strength grade of this cement is 2 ~ 3 times that of ordinary cement. For example, it only needs half the thickness for building roads

using this kind of cement to build roads can save considerable funds every year. Non cracking is another characteristic of this cement. Because there is no crystal water, it will not burst in a fire, and can be used to build tunnels and high-rise buildings; It does not corrode in the environment of acid salt and acid rain, nor does it corrode the internal structural reinforcement; It can be solidified in only one hour during underwater operation, and it can be used to rescue and build seawalls, etc. Never changing color is another characteristic of this kind of cement

because it is a mineral color, it can not fade in any environment. White is the color of porcelain clay and red is the color of clay. It is reported that there is no need to invest in building a new plant to produce this kind of cement, which can be produced by using China's existing production capacity and equipment, thereby reducing the cost by 2/3

the pulverizer equipment used by Shanghai Shibang to process limestone, slag, fly ash and coal gangue is a high-quality equipment tailored and scientifically selected for customers according to their different needs. Shibang pulverizer grinding system is also indispensable in the cement production process, which greatly improves its separation accuracy and efficiency

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