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Shanghai spot check found a "problem capsule" with excessive chromium

Xinhua Shanghai, April 18 - the latest spot check results released by the Shanghai food and Drug Administration on April 18 showed that the heavy metal chromium in the hollow capsule sample purchased by a Shanghai pharmaceutical enterprise from Zhejiang Xinchang Kangnuo capsule Co., Ltd. exceeded the standard, and two local pharmaceutical capsule enterprises in Shanghai passed the spot check

it was noted that there were two enterprises suspected of using industrial gelatin to make "problem Capsules" previously reported by the media, namely Xinchang Huaxing capsule factory and zhuokang capsule Co., Ltd. Kangnuo capsule Co., Ltd. was not on the exposure list

after the "problem capsule" coated with appropriate lubricating oil was exposed, the Shanghai food and Drug Administration launched special supervision and inspection of capsule related products and product inspection on all drug production and trading enterprises in the city. The legal inspection agency detected that 9 of the first 10 samples of hollow capsules were qualified. The content of chromium in one sample provided by a pharmaceutical enterprise in Shanghai was questionable, and it was confirmed that chromium exceeded the standard after re inspection on the 18th

it is understood that, This hollow "The tires produced by elastopan dual density technology were purchased from Zhejiang Xinchang Kangnuo capsule Co., Ltd. because they were not afraid of puncture and wear by hard objects. At present, the relevant batches of products have been investigated and controlled by the regulatory authorities according to law.

at the same time, Shanghai food and drug regulatory authorities conducted a sampling inspection on two local pharmaceutical capsule manufacturers, and the results showed that all samples were qualified, and the content of heavy metal chromium met the relevant regulations.

Shanghai The food and Drug Administration said that it would urge relevant enterprises to strengthen the quality control of gelatin containing products such as hollow capsules, supervise and inspect the self-examination of drug production and trading enterprises, and conduct sampling inspection of relevant raw and auxiliary materials and products. If products that do not meet the standards are found, the enterprises will be ordered to recall

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