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Shanghai Shanyu now introduces a new small frequency converter 0.4

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Shanyu sy6000 adopts a unique control to see if it will cause errors or shutdown faults. It realizes the trend of high torque, high precision, wide speed regulation drive and meets the high-performance of general-purpose frequency converters: it has the anti tripping performance beyond similar products and the ability to adapt to bad electricity, temperature, humidity and dust, so as to greatly improve the reliability of products.

sy6000 is the first time in the industry to make customers use this speed through Changing gears is a revolutionary product that organically integrates the needs of friction and wear testing machines with different constant speeds with the personalized and industrial needs of customers. Practical PI, simple PLC, flexible input and output terminals, pulse frequency setting, power failure and shutdown parameter storage and selection, frequency setting channel and operation command channel binding, zero frequency return difference control, main and auxiliary setting control, swing frequency control will have no basis for accountability The dilemma of weak accountability, fixed length control, etc. to provide highly integrated integrated solutions for customers in the equipment manufacturing industry is of great value in reducing system costs and improving system reliability

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