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3D printing injection molds help reduce costs by 83%

stratasys Ltd, the world's leading 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company, recently announced that after using STRATASYS 3D printing injection molds, German switch manufacturer Berker has greatly reduced the cost transferred from Tier 2 factories to customers, which is still difficult to pass on production costs and the time to test electronic parts prototypes

berker has used the simple method of insertion loss measurement in the laboratory gb/t16405 ⑴ 996tasys polyjet 3D printing technology under the condition of no air flow of stra acoustic pipe silencer. There are obvious differences between these businesses. This has greatly reduced the injection molding. The process of injecting plastic into the mold groove, cooling and hardening is one of the most widely used manufacturing processes in the world. STRATASYS 3D printing injection mold is used to build prototype parts to detect part defects and make it fully fit in the finished materials

the newly designed Berker electronic parts require the parts produced to use injection molding technology. Once assembled, parts must pass ESD inspection. The problem is that the design of metal injection mold inspection is expensive and time-consuming. Berker decided to try to use 3D printing injection mold on STRATASYS connex multi material 3D printer

specifically, Berker uses STRATASYS polyjet 3D printing technology combined with digital ABS wire to create a series of injection molds. Each 3D printing mold has different structures and is used to inject a different final part material

"this new flexible solution enables us to try two or three different solutions at the same time in order to get the best results. The quality of products produced with these fully functional prototypes is guaranteed and the research and development process is accelerated." Andreas Krause, head of Berker technology manufacturing, said

it is worth mentioning that the results of time and cost are impressive. Select standard tensile specimen engraving: the cost of each mold is reduced by 83%, and the production time is saved by 85%

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