The hottest 3D printer can build a house with ceme

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3D printers use cement as raw materials to build houses

Abstract: the biggest difference from general 3D printing is that in addition to size, the raw materials for printing are renewable cement. The formula used in this printer is special cement. The raw materials come from recycled construction waste. After crushing, they are mixed with cement and other raw materials to form very quickly

2017 Jiangsu International Green Building Exhibition opened in Nanjing Expo Center yesterday. All green and energy-saving building technologies from across the country were unveiled, showing a large number of "black technologies" of future buildings. It is learned that the assembly building will become the industry trend in the future. The mixed assembly houses and wooden houses with less precision will bring the building into a new field. At the same time, VR architectural design will also bring a new experience of the model room

at the booth of Nanjing Jiayi Machinery Co., Ltd., we can see that the first printer in China that put the cement 3D printing technology into use in the K exhibition last year is working. Apart from the size, the printing raw materials come from renewable electrostatic phenomena, which will bring a lot of harm to our experimental machines. "The formula used in this printer is our special cement. The raw materials come from recycled construction waste. After crushing, they are mixed with cement and other raw materials, forming very quickly." Mr. Cai, deputy general manager of the company, told us that this kind of 3D printing material can be formed in 4 hours, which is several times faster than traditional cement and easier to maintain. "At present, the construction of 3D printing is mainly used for some landscape facilities, such as flower beds, railings and some buildings with unique shapes. Compared with the previous formwork casting methods, the efficiency is improved very quickly." It is learned that at present, cement 3D printing can print a two-story building. This technology has also replaced traditional cement in municipal construction in Nanjing Southern new city and Qinglong Metro Town

in foreign countries, the lighting system that converts outdoor light into indoor light is very popular. At present, many domestic buildings, including the construction of the third phase of the Expo Center, will also use this kind of oil delivery valve, and the oil return pipe is not connected or shaken. At the booth of the light guide tube daylight lighting system, we can see that the equipment like a chimney is actually a system that introduces daylight into the room to become a lighting lamp. It is reported that this system can collect the light source as long as there is light outdoors, regardless of sunny or rainy days. It is introduced through the principle of photophysics to provide indoor lighting. It is learned that the price of this kind of equipment is about 4000 yuan and its service life is up to 30 years. It saves a lot of energy in lighting

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