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Yinchuan Economic Development Zone: 3D printing equipment was put into operation, and the orders for machine tools and robots increased by 100%

. "The newly launched high-capacity C series deep groove ball bearing production line can produce bearings with a minimum diameter of 1mm and a maximum diameter of more than 4m, and orders continue to flow." Introduction of the person in charge of the company. Yinchuan economic and Technological Development Zone has fully exploited the advantages of "winter of preparation", vigorously promoted the improvement of economic quality and efficiency, and the development vitality of enterprises has burst forth. In June, the added value of industries above designated size was 734million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.2%, 5 percentage points higher than that of the whole region

facing the downward pressure of the international and domestic economy, the mXz ⑴ friction coefficient instrument development zone produced by Jinan Sida Testing Technology Co., Ltd. of Ningxia Yinchuan economic and Technological Development Co., Ltd. focuses on building a new industrial system of emerging industries such as equipment manufacturing, strategic new materials, high-end health consumer goods, etc., to provide kinetic energy for the economic development of the development zone. At present, the supporting role of regulated enterprises is obvious, the number of completed and put into operation projects is strong, and the growth of key backbone enterprises is increasing

in order to expand the development space of enterprises under its jurisdiction, Yinchuan economic and Technological Development Zone has deeply implemented the project driven strategy and promoted the supply side structural reform. We will implement the golden bean cultivation project, revise several policies to encourage investment, leverage the lever of policies to raise funds, issue bonds, social capital and private investment funds, break the bottleneck of project financing, and timely coordinate and solve various problems in the process of project implementation. In the first quarter of this year, the Development Zone started 15 new projects with a total investment of 1.85 billion yuan

therefore, relevant space is required. Up to now, the production process of modified plastics for the shared mold project implemented by the sharing group with an investment of 1.28 billion yuan has also introduced cutting-edge scientific objectives such as nanotechnology, condensed matter physics, energy conservation and environmental protection. Yinchuan intelligent factory for the production of 3D printing equipment has started mass production with orders; The orders of little giant, Xinrui Great Wall, Dahe machine tool and Juneng robot increased by more than 100%; Dahe machine tool engine block honing production line successfully passed the acceptance of DPCA, becoming the first equipment manufacturing enterprise in China that can provide intelligent honing production line for automobile engine block. Longji silicon, Yinhe new energy and Tiantong Yinxia achieved an output value of 770million yuan, with a growth rate of more than 50%. The annual output value of the three enterprises is expected to reach 6.9 billion yuan, with a net increase of 3.1 billion yuan, with an output growth rate of more than 80%. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, stable and reliable work, high experimental precision and stable afterburner

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