The hottest 3D printer will be recycled in space

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3D printer will be used to recycle plastic in space

the first space microcomputer controlled electric control experimental machine is a servo electromechanical 3D printer that is easy to be controlled automatically. It was launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) last September. Now, the space manufacturing company, the manufacturer of the 3D printer, plans to cooperate with NASA again to launch a second 3D printer to recycle the 10000 sealed plastic bags launched by NASA into space

the 3D printer of the space manufacturing company can print objects under zero gravity conditions, and can be controlled on the ground, thus saving the most valuable resource in space: astronauts' time to the greatest extent. According to the Christian Science Monitor of the United States, this 3D printer that will recycle waste parts and garbage on the spacecraft is called "r3do". The space manufacturing company plans to "put r3do on duty" in space in the next year and a half

"manufacturing in space enables humans to live off the ground." Jason Dunn, founder and chief technology officer of the space manufacturing company, said at the recent international space station R & D conference, The company's goal is to make human life in space "more sustainable," said Hu Diwen, President of Bayer materials technology China 。 In Dunn's view, the current human space travel is very similar to camping. We have to bring all the necessities. When things are not enough or encounter problems, we have to go home. Dunn believes that the space 3D printer will make a significant change in the way of space travel in the future

for example, astronauts repairing spacecraft in space is a huge challenge for dongmingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric, to acquire Yinlong in a high-profile manner. Using the space 3D printer, the difficulty of repairing the spaceship will be greatly reduced - the more the policy is woven, the more closely it can provide the astronauts with the repair tools they need very quickly

scientists hope that the space 3D printer will help the Mars exploration mission. With the current rocket technology, it takes nine months to reach Mars from the earth. In case of an emergency, it is difficult to provide the astronauts with the necessary parts and tools in time. At this time, the 3D printer may show its skill

at present, 3D printing is in the ascendant in the space field. Last November, after NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore successfully installed the 3D printer of the space manufacturing company, it received 3D model files from the earth for the first time and printed the first object in space - an 11.4 cm long wrench. According to the US space station, the European Space Agency also plans to send a 3D printer into space

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