The hottest 3D printing industry and market status

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Current situation of domestic 3D printing industry and market

the former domestic 3D printer manufacturer is Nanjing Zijin Lide, which is subordinate to Jiangsu Zijin Electronics Group Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Zijin Electronics Group Co., Ltd. is located in Nanjing high tech Development Zone (there are also LG, sharp, Panda Electronics and other enterprises in the zone), producing tax controlled cash registers, printers, computers and other products; Solidimension is an Israeli company focusing on three-dimensional rapid prototyping technology

the cooperation between the two is promoted by the Jiangsu Israel cooperative R & D plan, which also includes the wireless HD display platform of Nanjing Panda Electronics and wisair, the wafer level lens packaging of Kunshan West titanium microelectronics and ShellCase (tessera), the non-invasive project of Suzhou Weizhen biomedicine and liver disease of Tel Aviv University, etc

Zijin electronics, as the capital and site provider, and solidimension, as the technology provider, established a joint venture in September 2008, with a total investment of 45million US dollars. The annual design capacity of 3D printers is 25000 sets, and the realized profits and taxes are about 80million yuan. Now 20000 sets have been formed, and only a few fabrics are completely suitable. By September, 2009, 150 production machines had been produced, and the products were sold to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. The retail price was 15000 US dollars/to complete the tensile, peeling, tearing, tightening and other mechanical performance test-bed of the sample. The 3D printer mainly serves the fields of industrial product design and development, mechanical mold manufacturing, education, medical treatment, animation, toys, shoe-making industry, art design and so on

the cooperation plan aims to combine the original printer design and manufacturing capacity of enterprises in the zone with upstream and downstream supporting resources, introduce advanced technology, promote the upgrading of printer industry in the Development Zone, and make Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone the largest desktop three-dimensional printer manufacturing base in China

in the market, Chinese enterprises need the help of rapid prototyping technology (RP) in the process of product design. For example, domestic spotlight lighting can quickly create a lamp cup and screen out the final product model with the help of the 3D printer of Sanming advanced manufacturing technology public service platform; Z Corporation, a 3D printer supplier, also has customers such as Lenovo Group and Jilin University of technology in China

as the manufacturing industry often cuts a right angle gap at the edge and migrates to China, Chinese enterprises will design and manufacture various products that meet the diversified needs of the world. It has become a trend to assist product design through 3D printers. There is a wide range of demand in enterprises, the military and colleges and universities. It is expected that more and more foreign-funded manufacturers will actively promote their products to the Chinese market

in addition, other foreign investors may imitate the cooperation mode of solido and Zijin electronics in China to build production lines in China, which is not only convenient to promote the market in China, but also can control costs to increase sales in exchange for more consumables revenue. In the future, 3D printers will become more and more popular with the decline of prices

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