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3D printing has been included in the 863 plan. The state has allocated 40million research funds

the Ministry of science and technology recently released the 2014 guidelines for the collection of alternative projects in the manufacturing field of the national high technology research and development plan (863 plan) and the national science and technology support plan. The highly concerned 3D printing industry was selected for the first time. Analysts said that this reflects the importance of the national level, and the domestic 3D printing industry will usher in a period of rapid development

allocate 40million research funds

it is mentioned in the guide that we should break through the core and key technologies in 3D printing manufacturing technology, develop key equipment products, carry out verification in relevant fields, and initially have the technology, equipment and industrialization conditions for comprehensive promotion and application. There are four research directions: development and application of laser melting forming equipment for aerospace large parts, development and application of large laser sintering forming equipment for mold manufacturing of complex parts, development and application of high-temperature and high-pressure diffusion connection equipment for complex parts with material structure integration, research and application of key technologies for personalized customization in household appliance industry based on 3D printing manufacturing technology, and Realization of industrialization and scope utilization, A total of no more than 40million research funds were allocated

the industry will face a period of rapid development

fuyongzhen, investment consultant of Datong securities, said that the inclusion of 3D printing technology in the 863 plan, especially the research and development of industries supported by national funds, reflects the state's attention to the two support spans of 3D printing adjustment zigzag attachments. 3D printing is a revolution in manufacturing technology and an important link in the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. After more than 20 years of development, 3D printing technology has formed an emerging industry with a scale of $1.68 billion worldwide, and is growing at an average annual rate of 20%-30%

senior financial analyst maxiaodong believes that 3D printing technology has great advantages such as low manufacturing cost and short production cycle, and its large-scale promotion will help to improve the scientific and technological content of our products. China is a large manufacturing country, but the scientific and technological content and industrial added value of products are relatively low, and the competitiveness of the international export market is low. Therefore, industrial upgrading is imperative. In the medium and long term, the 3D industry has a huge market development space. With the support of the state, the domestic 3D printing industry will usher in a rapid and tested development

great opportunities for listed companies in the later period

for domestic 3D printing concept stocks, Fu Yongzhen believes that the most promising industry should be in the military industry. From this point of view, AVIC heavy machinery, robotics, Han's laser, etc. will benefit. However, considering that the previous 3d concept has been repeatedly hyped by the market, and that the technology still faces many technical barriers, investors need to be cautious

maxiaodong said that for the relevant superior companies, with their strong financing ability and brand influence, there are greater opportunities in the later stage, such as Han's laser, central China CNC and other listed companies. In addition, related companies also include Nanfeng shares, yinbang shares, guangyunda, Hongchang electronics, etc

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