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decoration companies are similar, and the quality varies greatly. What kind of decoration company is a good decoration company? You can judge from the following aspects

1. During decoration design and construction, customers' decoration requirements need not be repeated for many times to designers, electricians and carpenters

2. Respond quickly and correctly to the reasonable requirements of customers, rather than being superficial and superficial. If it is found that the problems raised two days ago have not been rectified, there should be some problems in the management of the company

3. The on-site management of the decoration company should be in good order, not dirty and messy

4. A good decoration company should strictly control the quality of each process, and the next process should check the previous process, such as painters checking carpentry, etc

5. Decoration companies must be qualified to carry out decoration engineering construction. In addition to checking the business license, whether the company has a formal office location and whether it can issue qualified bills need to be carefully investigated

6. The design and construction level of this decoration company can be evaluated by investigating the projects it has done. The level and qualifications of interior designers are directly related to the level of design, so we should ask the designers of this company in detail. If it is introduced by a friend, you can learn about the company through acquaintances. But sometimes relatives and friends are not “ Expert ”, There will inevitably be “ Misleading ”, So we should still believe in our own judgment





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