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Tired of real estate regulation and competition of various similar products, China's door and window shopping malls began slowly in 2015. 2016 is just the beginning, and the work of doors and windows is now ready to go. It is expected to be completed and launched in 2016. If the door and window work wants to survive in the gap, it is necessary to go out of the traditional operation concept and make new changes about the needs of shopping malls

I. brand creation cannot be neglected

under the competition pattern of door and window brands, a small number of companies that know how to be ahead have initially focused on brand creation, invented their own brand characteristics, and advanced brand popularity. With the continuous advancement of the Internet, door and window agencies that break the traditional implementation thinking and pay attention to the implementation of the network will also work as widely as mushrooms

these door and window agencies will rely on new methods such as the Internet and new media to create brands, cover up the company's positive information in well-known channels, and use the power of prestige media to promote the brand, so as to advance the audience's cognitive power

II. Professionalization of door and window brands

today's door and window work is in the red sea of competition. Brands are like forests, and homogenization is serious, which makes consumers at a loss. Under the influence of homogenization, companies in the future will develop in the direction of small and beautiful, that is, to refine first and then expand. Perhaps today's door and window shopping malls are still in a chaotic period, but many companies will gradually realize the importance of brand specialization on the road of homogenization and seek differentiation in strength

third, the company's effectiveness value-added

from the high competition of the door and window industry, the market demand of the door and window industry will expand exponentially. In this case, the implementation companies, logistics companies, home decoration companies, etc. can add more support to the door and window industry. Perhaps the door and window giants can also put it into their own business scope and assimilate this into the value-added effect of the company. This may be a major trend in the future

IV. environmental protection and energy conservation of products

nowadays, although environmental protection and energy conservation, feature customization and other aspects are deeply valued by the work, few companies actually do so, and most companies just take advantage of this publicity. The strictest environmental protection law has been implemented, and environmental protection and energy conservation will be the general trend in the future. In addition, 80 and 90 gradually occupy the dominant position in society, and the demand for characterization will increase, so feature plus customized products will also be a trend

in addition, in the next few years, Southeast Asian countries will mainly accept the transfer of China's low-end door and window manufacturing industry due to the prevention of commercial wood cutting. However, restricted by many factors such as backward infrastructure, lack of technical personnel, lack of energy supply and lack of industrial supporting equipment, Southeast Asia and other countries are difficult to achieve the prosperity of domestic industry. As the main plan and implementation method of the company for doors and windows will be changed, and the industrial complementarity with Southeast Asian countries will be formed, it is expected to form a transnational new area of door and window industry in relevant regions in the future

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