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Now many commercial houses come with floating windows. As long as you know how to transform, every minute is equivalent to earning half a room in vain, so hurry up with poetry to see how the floating windows can be used

now many commercial houses come with floating windows,

floating windows can not only improve the indoor light,

but also give you a multifunctional space for leisure and storage,

as long as you know how to transform, every minute is equivalent to earning half a room for nothing,

so hurry up with poetry and see how the floating windows can be used

leisure area

many people like the floating window because it comes with a dream filter, which makes us involuntarily imagine the romantic scene of basking in the sun and enjoying the night scenery on the floating window

therefore, the most direct way to use the bay window is to build it into a more perfect leisure area

to build the bay window into a leisure area, first of all, we need to ensure that the bay window has enough area to meet our sitting and sleeping needs

therefore, some bay windows with insufficient depth can be expanded by filling them with bay window cabinets

if there is enough space, you can also expand the bay window into a large platform, and add a movable table, which is equivalent to an additional small leisure room

in addition, we can also rely on the bay window cabinet to repair the bay window with other defects

for example, the following case is that the position of the bay window is too high, so the designer created a group of L-shaped bay windows around the bay window and turned it into a walk-in leisure area, which is more stylish than before the reconstruction

in addition, the new floating window cabinet has the storage function, and the space is not wasted

for example, there are load-bearing columns in this study, which makes the concave part unable to be effectively used. Therefore, simply change the floating window into tatami, and change the whole concave into a platform. It is much more comfortable to sit than the original floating window

for irregular house types with missing corners in the room, install two groups of floating window cabinets according to the house type, which will become beautiful and practical

after solving the problem of house type, we should also consider the problem of style. Only good-looking floating windows can make people have the desire to use them

the key point of the design of the bay window style is to be similar to the style and color matching of the room, and the style should also be unified in the details of curtains, cushions and so on

such as Chinese style

and European style

Mediterranean style

storage area

the second important function of the bay window is storage

there are three kinds of the most common storage bay windows, and the simplest one is the straight line type

there are also L-shaped or U-shaped shapes with both storage and appreciation

and the back glyph with emphasis on storage

if you don't need the leisure function of the floating window, you can also build it into a complete storage area, which doesn't take up any space at all

retro European style generally needs to be matched with a solemn floating window cabinet, and it is also a good choice to change it into a wardrobe

children have more things, and two children have more things. For the double children's room with tight storage space, it is necessary to have a floating window cabinet that takes care of both storage and leisure

here, I would like to recommend you to build a storage bay window in your study

we all know that the storage capacity of the bay window is stronger, but due to its location, size and other factors, it also has certain restrictions on the storage of items

but the book is small and easy to take, so it is most suitable to store it with a floating window

even if your home is a landscape bay window, as long as you add a row of storage cabinets on it, you can accommodate many books

if you are a big book collector, you can't miss the valuable area of the bay window

it's really happy to think about reading surrounded by books

learning area

the lighting near the window is good, so many parents like to transform the floating window into a learning area

after the bay window is changed into a learning area, the concave part is most suitable to be made into a bookcase to store books and materials

the bay window can also be padded up to become a study table, and the bottom can also be made into a bookcase

if you want to retain the function of the bay window, you can also design it into a combination of bay window cabinet and learning table to meet two needs at the same time

this is also equivalent to an additional seat beside the learning table, which is convenient for parents to guide their children in their homework

multifunctional area

the floating window has another feature, that is, it has strong compatibility, and all kinds of furniture can be combined with it

for example, we can create a dressing area near the bay window, and sufficient light can help you make up more beautifully

you can also extend the dresser table and the hanging cabinet to the bay window, which increases the practical area of the dresser and is equivalent to an additional bay window table

customized floating window cabinet + dressing table + bedside cabinet + bedside storage cabinet + wardrobe. The combined form maximizes the use of space and can hold many things

floating window + desk cabinet + wardrobe, centralize functions, and children's needs except sleep can be realized in this small area

even if the children's room is small, it can achieve various functions and save more activity space for children

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