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In the heart of Richmond, is the infamous Richmond Theatre, sat pridefully opposite a popular park amongst the locals. Upon entering, it’s hard not to miss the noticeably detailed craftsmanship that embellishes it’s exquisite exterior; I couldn’t help but to gaze at the engravings adorning the subtle peachy tones and swirls carved into its architectural design and stepping onto the vermilion velvet carpets blanketing the theatre floor, it was a truly elegant sight(such as recreation centres.??I felt an odd feeling of ecstasy and a buzz of excitement to take a stroll down memory lane, revisiting the experience of attending the home of entertainment and its scenic surroundings after missing it’s magic for 2 whole years!?

I invited along a close friend with me to relive some of the old yet unforgettable memories we shared as we tucked into a traditional and hearty sweet and salty popcornThe full story here: Hawaii to begin vaccine passports for travel between islands. Then we navigated our way up to our seats via the majestic, golden-railed spiral staircase, excitedly awaiting the curtain call for the show to commence.??On the busy night, luckilyYou see problems (with vaccine administration) everywhere and vaccine hesitancy is only one of them., we were only 4 rows away from centre stage, greeted by the draped, grand splendour of the imposing curtains! As everyone grabbed some last minute refreshments and sat comfortably in their seats we couldn’t wait to watch the classic British sitcom, The Good life- a television series that had been brought to the stage and beautifully directed into a theatrical masterpiece.? RELATED: Raynes Park artist releases powerful song about mental health

The story presents the lives of Tom and Barbara Good, a middle-class working couple whom jointly decided to start fresh, as they embark on a journey to adopting a more simplehaving to turn down a call from Ontario just adds to that burden, sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyleThe ongoing effort to inoculate people above 45 is stuttering. Since January. A crazy idea pops up on Tom’s 40th?birthday in which Barbara supports, after he realises he’s had enough of his job as a draughtsman for a cereal company producing plastics and makes the decision to leave. Tom and Barbara decide to start only using what is truly essential, enabling them to save money as they come up with their own original and money-efficient solutions. The couple both work hard harnessing their inner strength to conquer the struggles of manual labour by maintaining any success from making their own natural and organic produce; they do this by investing in animals such as cows and goats instead of buying groceries at the local supermarket and they generate their own electricity for a more affordable approach to life’s requirements, which if everyone if the world outside the stage did, would reduce food wastage by tons! We see the impact of these changes on their lives and how they coped in a humorous way on stage making it an entertaining, interesting and an impressive theatre performance and story. RELATED: Hunt for van men who 'threw golf balls' and 'broke teeth' of victim in Esher

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