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Common problems and precautions for installing access control system

how should we experiment during installation and debugging? Let's watch the editor teach you the experimental steps and pay attention to the following aspects:

first, power supply:

ensure sufficient power, try to use linear power supply, and the door lock and controller should be powered separately. The power supply shall be installed as close to the electrical equipment as possible to avoid interference and transmission loss

II. Wiring:

it is divided into power line, communication line and signal line. When wiring, pay attention to the separation of strong and weak current. The distance between the two tubes is required to be more than 20cm

power line: the wire diameter is thick enough, and multi strand conductors are used

signal line and communication line: adopt shielded twisted pair of category 5. The 485 bus must be connected by a pair of twisted pair wires. Build 7 when purchasing wire rod Displacement range: 600mm, 4*0.5 four core shielded wire is recommended

pay attention to the following points:

1. The shielded wire must not be used as the connecting wire of 0V voltage (power supply ground)

2. Each shielded circuit can only have one grounding terminal

3. When the shielded circuit cannot be grounded, the shielded wire can be connected to another shielded circuit of the network

4. The signals of each module must be connected together

5. If there is a breakpoint in the middle of the line, the breakpoint should be welded with a soldering iron and insulated

6. Do not put the network connection wire together with the AC power supply

7. If the connecting line exceeds 1000 meters, a repeater should be added, which can be extended by another 1000 meters

III. access control system:

pay attention to the selection of installation location to prevent electromagnetic interference

1. Card readers: do not install on metal objects. The distance between two card readers should not be less than 30 cm. The surface should be chrome plated. It is best to supply power through the controller. If the card reader is powered separately from the outside, please use a linear regulated power supply (transformer) for the power supply of the card reader, and the negative pole of DC cannot be connected to the AC grounding terminal

2. Network adapter: the connection with the controller adopts the way of hand in hand

3. Controller: controller without isolation, it is recommended to use the same power supply

4. Lock: Shenzhen Andersen magnetic lock manufacturer, the joint surface is wrapped with polyurethane sheath. When installing the magnetic lock, make sure that the lock body and the relay iron plate can be closely combined, otherwise there will be insufficient suction. Electric plug-in lock. If you need to open the socket when installing the electric plug-in lock, note that the aperture must be large enough and the depth must be deep enough to allow the lock tongue to be fully inserted. The lock tongue cannot be fully inserted, and the lock tongue will jump constantly or the working current will be large all the time after locking the door, and the lock body will be hot. (end)

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