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Fuzhou No.1 Primary School decorates while having classes. The paint smell is pungent and unpleasant.

Fuzhou No.1 Primary School decorates while having classes. The paint smell is pungent and unpleasant.

September 25th, 2013.

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the ground is covered with white ash left by whitewashed walls.

since the beginning of school, Fuzhou Liming Shiyan primary school can do load control, strain control, displacement control. The so-called three closed-loop control teaching building exterior wall has taken on a new look, But this did not make parents happy. Yesterday, Fuzhou dongdongma (a pseudonym) reported that her daughter had recently returned home with symptoms of throat itching, which she believed was related to the painting project of the school

the child has a sore throat, and the parents question the school.

Dongdong is a fourth grade student of Fuzhou Liming experimental primary school. Dongdong's mother said that at the beginning of school registration, the school was busy painting the outer wall, the protective fence about half a meter high on the corridor was also painted, and Dongdong's classroom was whitewashed. A few days ago, she saw the painters still working. "The popularization and utilization of nano materials for children will have an impact on the printing industry. People are in class and workers are painting. Can it do no harm to children?" Dongdongma mentioned that many of her daughter's classmates ate in the canteen on the first floor of the teaching building at noon, and the school also painted at noon. Dongdong came home recently and told her that she could smell paint at school, which was very uncomfortable. She also had symptoms such as itchy throat and headache. Mother thought it was caused by the school painting

yesterday morning, I came to Fuzhou Liming experimental primary school. On the same day, there were no painters in the school. We saw that the outer walls of the school building were mostly painted white, and the guardrails outside the corridor were also sprayed with grey paint. Only two classrooms were whitewashed inside, namely class two in four years and class one in six years. The teachers said it was because these two classrooms were relatively shabby. There was no peculiar smell outside the corridor or in the classroom

the school said the project was over

why doesn't the school paint in the winter and summer vacation, but do it at the beginning of school? Lin Ting, the principal of Liming Experimental Primary School in Fuzhou, said that the move was the request of higher-level leaders, and the decoration was to meet the inspection of the core technology door concerned by the relevant ministry in the future. President Lin Ting said that Fuzhou Liming experimental primary school is a private school with about 430 students. President Lin understood the parents' doubts. She said that the school carried out the painting of the teaching building at the end of August, and the project was completed before the formal opening of classes on September 2. These days, the painters just did some wall repair work in the acceptance stage

President Lin said that the exterior walls were painted with water-based paint with good quick drying performance. The school also arranged to open windows and fans in each classroom to strengthen air circulation, while the two classes that were whitewashed were only scraped away with mildew and a layer of putty powder, so there was almost no formaldehyde exceeding the standard. President Lin hopes that parents can be considerate and contact and communicate with the school if there are problems

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