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On March 8, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, participated in the deliberations of the Jiangsu and Hebei delegations respectively

in the Jiangsu delegation, Li Keqiang said that Jiangsu's economy is large, and it should be in the forefront of development and upgrading. We should strengthen the combination of streamlining administration, delegating power and deregulation, give more autonomy to the market and enterprises, and let tens of thousands of people think, do and break through; We should take the lead in releasing new dividends driven by innovation, combine the diligence and wisdom of hundreds of millions of people, promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and promote the economy to move towards the middle and high end; We should play a leading role in the development of the Yangtze River economic belt and promote the orderly transfer of industries to the central and western regions

typical representatives of conventional ABS alloys in Hebei generation are: the 2002-t4 table group. Li Keqiang said that it is important to create new highlights in the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, promote the rational layout of functions, and orderly. These two issues are particularly important to undertake the industrial transfer of Beijing and Tianjin, fight the tough battle of pollution prevention and control, and become an important booster for the development of the Bohai Rim region. We should set up a new model in promoting international production capacity cooperation, promote advantageous surplus production capacity and major equipment to go abroad, participate in competition in the international market, and drive domestic industrial upgrading

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"don't put on airs in the evaluation and employment of doctor's professional title"

at the review site of Jiangsu delegation, Li Keqiang became a "doctor" for a time. He inquired about the "title promotion disease" of doctors in grass-roots hospitals. "Doctors in prefecture level municipal hospitals should release their autonomy in evaluating professional titles and do not unify papers. The technical level of grass-roots doctors should be based on the satisfaction of patients. It is not necessary for prefecture level municipal hospitals to let them write papers and engage in scientific research." Wang Jingcheng, deputy to the National People's Congress and President of Jiangsu Subei people's Hospital, said

Li Keqiang said, "what he said is reasonable. The operation is not done well, the paper is written well, and the problem is not solved. Isn't it a waste of time?" Wang Jingcheng hopes to let them carry out the reform of professional title evaluation first. "The pilot is very good." Li Keqiang told the person in charge of the health and Family Planning Commission to attend as a nonvoting delegate, "this matter has a large impact and needs to be piloted. You should study it."

Jiangsu delegation

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whether to withstand the downward pressure of the economy or rely on reform

Li Keqiang stressed during the review of the government work report by the Jiangsu delegation: "China's economy must withstand the downward pressure and maintain steady growth."

Li Keqiang said that last year, our country was facing continuous downward pressure. In this case, we did not adopt short-term strong stimulus policies, but mainly rely on reform to stimulate market vitality, maintain stable economic operation, and also reserve policy space for greater difficulties that may be encountered this year

"as a delegate just said in his speech, we have not fully used many fiscal and tax policies, financial policies and macro-control tools. If we encounter greater difficulties, we will take action." He said, "here is also a reassurance for everyone. China's economy must withstand the downward pressure and maintain steady growth."

Li Keqiang stressed that to withstand the downward pressure of the economy, we should not rely mainly on the quantitative expansion of macro policies, but on reform. At this stage, it is necessary to stimulate the vitality of the market and promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation. "As I said in the government work report," let tens of thousands of market cells become active ", China's economy can be full of vitality."

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streamlining administration and delegating power must get through the "last mile"

Li Keqiang users can decide whether to choose electronic universal testing machine or hydraulic universal testing machine according to the specific use environment of their industry. It is emphasized that streamlining administration and delegating power must get through the "last mile", "enterprises can't pass five hurdles, cut six generals, break their legs and still can't find the door!"

representative Chen Lifen, chairman of Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co., Ltd., suggested "improving the export tax rebate mechanism" in his speech. Li Keqiang said that these are the policies formulated by the state, but the implementation process does make enterprises feel "slow". "Why? Because we haven't done enough to streamline administration and delegate power." He said, "what is truth? The simplest thing is truth. It was originally a very simple thing that could be done well, but you made it so complicated. If enterprises want to refund their personal income tax, they can't be allowed to pass five passes and kill six generals. If they break their legs, they can't find the door!"

Li Keqiang said that the reason why the current government takes streamlining administration, delegating power and combining decentralization as the first and most important part of the reform is that it is a reform that "affects the whole body by one hair." just now, some local responsible comrades put forward the hope that the State Council will continue to delegate power and give more autonomy to local governments. " He said, "I believe that if you want to have autonomy, you also want to give it to enterprises, the market, and thousands of people. You want to untie them and let them start businesses and innovate."

he stressed that the government's "release" of power does not mean that it will not "control" it. "In fact, market players need supervision very much, and more importantly, they need a fair competition environment, which is what the government should have done."

Li Keqiang encouraged Jiangsu delegates to explore a new path of streamlining administration, delegating power, and combining decentralization and management in the future reform and opening-up process, and cultivate new drivers of development

Hebei sometimes finds it difficult to judge the limitations and shortcomings of materials group

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Hebei should help resolve excess steel capacity

"Hebei should help resolve excess steel capacity and give some preferential policies in financing." Li Keqiang told the heads of relevant departments attending the meeting when attending the Hebei delegation's deliberation of the government work report

representative Zhang Qingwei, governor of Hebei Province, said that in the past year, Hebei's GDP growth rate fell by 1% due to economic restructuring and the elimination of excess capacity. 7%, affecting the employment of more than 400000 people. He hoped that the state could provide some medium - and long-term loans, so as to reduce the financing cost of capacity resolution

Li Keqiang said, "Hebei is one of the provinces with the most prominent overcapacity. If we can find a way to stabilize growth and adjust the structure, it is of great significance to our country, so the state should give preferential policies and financial support."

he stressed that economic growth is not only GDP, but it cannot be denied that GDP is indeed a comprehensive measure, involving employment, people's livelihood and other aspects. Therefore, we have always stressed that development is the leading priority, "but the development we want is not the development of 'after this year, no matter next year', but long-term, sustainable and healthy development." Li Keqiang said that in the wave of economic globalization, China's economy has been deeply integrated with the global economy. "We can't control the downturn of the international economy. What we can do is to cope with it. In fact, a good and fast structural adjustment provides a strong support for 'steady growth'." He hoped that Hebei would break a new path in the process of balanced and stable growth and structural adjustment, which would not only provide experience for the whole country, but also boost market confidence

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Hebei should create new samples for international production capacity cooperation

Li Keqiang said that he hoped Hebei would create new samples in international production capacity cooperation

Li Keqiang said that all backward production capacity that does not meet the national standards should be resolutely eliminated. However, most of the current production capacity in Hebei belongs to surplus and high-quality production capacity, "on the one hand, it can be transferred to the central and western regions; on the other hand, it can also be exported abroad."

he said that during his visit to Kazakhstan last winter, Kazakhstan expressed the hope to carry out some large-scale infrastructure construction to stimulate the economy. When he proposed that China could directly transfer the production lines of steel, cement, flat glass and so on to Kazakhstan, the other party showed great interest. "They proposed at that time that we have 9billion US dollars of foreign exchange reserves and can also raise 9billion US dollars. They are willing to introduce your production lines." On the evening of the talks, the Kazakh side urgently formulated plans and raised funds. The next morning, the Kazakh prime minister and Premier Li Keqiang made a final decision during breakfast, locking the amount of China Kazakhstan capacity cooperation at $18billion

"your (Hebei) capacity going out is beneficial to both sides! It not only drives the industrialization and employment of the other side, but also drives our own industrial upgrading." Li Keqiang immediately led the topic to Hebei again. "I have said hello to many departments of the State Council. We should put Hebei in the first place in our capacity output."

"in this regard, I hope Hebei will break a new path in the world market, but I want to emphasize here that the production capacity we transfer must strictly abide by environmental protection standards and be responsible for mankind." Li Keqiang said

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