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Li Shufu: price war will break through the moral bottom line. Automobile products are vital. Geely Automobile, which has experienced a series of mergers and acquisitions worldwide, is showing people the technological achievements of its internationalization strategy

Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, said in an exclusive interview with the daily economy: "the automotive industry is a global industry and cannot be limited to a certain market. Of course, the Chinese market is very important, and we also attach great importance to it, but markets outside China are larger and more important. Therefore, we study not only the Chinese market with high control accuracy, but also the global market."

it is under the guidance of this concept that Geely Automobile has carried out a series of international integration. In February this year, Geely Group established a new R & D center in Gothenburg, Sweden, integrating the advantageous resources of its Volvo cars and Geely cars, and spared no effort to build a new generation of modular intermediate car platform to meet the future market needs of Volvo cars and Geely cars

at this Shanghai auto show, Geely KC concept car was launched, and emgrand EC7 electric vehicle was also displayed. Through the release of these two heavyweight exhibition vehicles and the display of a series of complete vehicles and powertrain, Geely Automobile hopes to fully demonstrate the breakthroughs it has made in the process of integrating international advanced technological resources and building Geely's new quality in recent years

"to be an enterprise is to keep laying the foundation." Li Shufu told that through strategic transformation, Geely has been on the right path, and what we need to do now is to stick to it

avoid the price war

"fighting a price war will break through the moral bottom line, resulting in people being able to do anything. Automotive products are vital, and it is dangerous to simply pursue price." Li Shufu said frankly

it is precisely because it does not want to linger in the low-cost and low-quality market. In May 2007, Geely began its strategic transformation. "The fundamental purpose of this transformation is that Geely will no longer simply fight a price war, but a technical war, a quality war, a brand war, a service war, and a cultural war. Now we are mainly fighting these five battles." Li Shufu said

after the strategic transformation, Geely achieved remarkable results. Li Shufu said that in recent years, the benefits are getting better year by year, the sales volume is also getting better year by year, and the product quality and technology are also getting better year by year

"I believe that this brand image is also constantly improving, stronger year by year." Li Shufu said

Li Shufu told that although the KC concept car is a concept car, it is actually ready for mass production. The public appearance of this KC concept car is to collect consumer feedback and will soon enter the mass production stage

at the same time, emgrand EC7 electric vehicle has made its debut. This model will be launched globally in 2016, and will first face the Chinese market

according to Li Shufu, Geely electric vehicles will soon be put into mass production

adhere to the international route

as the sales profit continues to rise, the proportion of R & D investment of Geely Automobile is diluted in the statements of listed companies. However, Li Shufu said in an interview with the daily economy that Geely will maintain 6% of its R & D investment in the next few years for the development of new models and technologies

Li Shufu believes that the internationalization strategy is an important reason for Geely's achievements in recent years. "On March 28 this year, the acquisition of Volvo should be exactly three years old. During these three years, we have also made great achievements. Both Geely and Volvo cars have made great progress last year."

through cooperation with Volvo, especially the joint establishment of the Research Institute, Geely has jointly developed the modular architecture, and has made significant progress in the basic modular architecture, including a portable and beautiful fill light mirror on the table, which provides the most basic, highly competitive and potential high-tech modular technology architecture for both sides to develop high-level automotive products in the future

Li Shufu also said that Volvo's market development in China has found the market feeling and development direction after several adjustments, so "Volvo's market sales in China this year will be more satisfactory."

when analyzing the current situation faced by independent brand enterprises, Li Shufu believes that the opportunities of China's independent brand automobile industry outweigh the challenges, "don't think that the prices of foreign automobile peers have fallen, and the level of automobile development is close to the independent brand, that is, the independent brand automobile is facing a crisis, and the models developed by the two are two things."

Li Shufu said that at present, Geely Automobile will continue to lay the foundation, practice internal skills, and continue to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise. It is necessary to orderly combine long-term, medium-term and short-term goals to promote the better development of Geely Automobile

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