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The Tokyo electronic industry company recently launched a new device "pc-99" that can process and check the printed words such as product trademarks. Due to the visual inspection of printed text content in the past, Bei actively promoted the international capacity docking cooperation in nonferrous metals, petrochemicals, building materials and other fields. Necker Changshun automotive interior materials Zhang Lianghua checked. For typos and omissions, there are often missed inspections. Now the "pc-99" inspection device can be used for high-precision automatic inspection

the inspection method of this new device is: first scan the authentic printed matter to the image component and record it. Then in the formal inspection, when there are word defects, typos, scratches and dirt, the machine will automatically mark the line on the monitor

it is reported that the device has registered about 200 different printed text contents in advance as "original reverse". The device can also print out the inspection results

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