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Print 05: product integration will bring benefits to printing enterprises

when we participate in trade shows like print 05, it is difficult to really understand the advantages and disadvantages of products and their performance

there are many booths, many familiar things, and many unforgettable displays in these exhibitions, which are strongly attracting your attention

first of all, we will browse some comments about print 05 and the major events of the printing session this year

in the field of traditional printing, Xerox, Heidelberg and other companies seem to show more old-fashioned printing machines and high-speed digital printing machines. Interestingly, Xerox seems to have a broader business scope than Heidelberg. For us, nothing earth shattering has happened in this field

we must admit that Xerox has many top-level digital printing machines, of which igens is sold directly from the booth by dealers. This is also a signal of change: that is, customers are confident to buy machines from "third parties"

here are some traditional post press processing and small mechanical products. Like the field of "old-fashioned printing", this field also looks very depressed. Among them, HP is the most attractive company. For each indigo printer, HP has equipped it with a complete operation workflow from paper feeding to post press processing. We appreciate HP's display concept of "working like a customer's factory". Unlike Heidelberg, HP provides its partners with "post press processing solutions" based on HP products

finally, we go back to the exhibition hall, where people will miss going back and forth. Of course, there will be some common ground between products, but most companies are showing their unique products. Large scale digital printing machines and web printing machines are still the mainstream display products, but exhibitors who lack certain courage still have some concerns. However, in the end, almost everyone will find something interesting or new. Among them, the most attractive is the products of chuckwalla company

this company has been established for many years. They are suppliers of enterprise digital device management (dam) technology. However, we really can't believe that they will do so well. They have left a deep impression on customers and have been widely praised by customers

when we walk in the exhibition area of print 05, we will be deeply attracted and moved by the new exhibits of chuckwalla company

what we are most interested in is that this is an integrated product called CSR virtual from three small companies. This product cylinder liner piston ring friction and wear tester also applies the important technologies of Kodak and Microsoft

although this product is displayed on the booth of chuckwalla Co., Ltd., it is actually sold by a new joint venture S-Mark, which is composed of Marcus Co., Ltd., S-Net Co., Ltd. and chuckwalla Co., Ltd

they do not display all products side by side in front of everyone, but three companies unite to provide a complete work chain, which is much better than taking three relatively independent products to test and then combining them together. It is gratifying that these three small technology companies can understand each other, trust each other and cooperate well. Because they know that they cannot live independently without each other

csr virtual is a product integrating multiple technologies. It has functions such as syndication, content generation, accurate color and digital asset management. It simplifies the design process of prepress production by automatically identifying the changes of users and designers to their assets and production status. This creates a strong link between customers and factories

the product includes the following integration components:

Kodak real time proof partner

Kodak Ma technical support project tchprint virtual proofing solution

S-Net B4 proofing approval workflow

chuckwalla V5 enterprise digital asset management system

structural framework

now, customers can realize remote observation and verification of specific prepress work through a simple network interface. When the working state changes, the software can automatically feed back the change information to the user

this change includes: changes in content and color. It can show the situation of using any ink or number of lines to copy any color on any substrate. Customers, designers and production personnel can use the applications of their respective computer platforms (Macintosh or personal computers) to work synchronously. When the work is completed, all historical data, notes, comments, instructions and other relevant production information are stored in the dam

csr virtual enables people to complete rescheduling, reference, reporting and other tasks in one software. At the same time, it also simplifies the verification and real-time tracking of the production process

in a word, the cost of comprehensive development is much lower than that of independent development. Because all standards can support and transform each other, each user (operator) is easy to use, and the time spent in practice will be relatively reduced. In addition, we are also impressed by the complete and integrated solutions provided by this team company

as we mentioned earlier, this is a complete workflow from design, grid processing to digital post press processing. It makes customers understand that they can buy a complete work solution through product integration. CSR virtual brings creativity to the prepress department and meets people's needs

as the core technology of a company, we don't expect it to do anything, but we can still believe that it can take innovating new materials and creating a new life as its mission, and make use of Microsoft's technological advantages to realize simpler product integration. The R & D team of CSR virtual has sufficient technical ability to measure the depth of decarburization layer to meet the needs of customers

maybe every company wants to get more benefits. However, using a complete solution as soon as possible will enable enterprises to occupy more market shares faster, so as to have a deeper understanding of customer requirements and achieve the purpose of selling more products

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