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New printing revolution era: improve the environmental protection concept of green printing

what is green printing? What can green printing bring us? How to enter green printing? Can green printing be accepted

green printing improves the industrial concept of the printing industry

green printing refers to a printing method that uses environmentally friendly materials and processes, produces less pollution in the printing process, saves resources and energy, and is easy to recycle and recycle after printing is discarded, which can be naturally degraded and has little impact on the ecological environment. Green printing is a systematic project. Through implementation, the whole supply chain system, including materials, processing, applications and consumers, can enter a virtuous cycle. Caohongsui, inspector of the printing and Distribution Department of the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television, proposed that its greatest significance lies in the improvement of the management concept of enterprises in this process, ensuring that consumers use more environmentally friendly green printing materials, so that green environmental protection can be seen and touched everywhere in every space of people's lives. Green comes from your and my attitudes and ideas about life

implementation of specific work

this year, China will realize green printing of more than 60% of textbooks, and all primary and secondary school textbooks published and used in Beijing at the stage of compulsory education will adopt green printing. Let the new vitality and new flowers of the motherland feel the benefits of green printing first, and bring the healthiest and most environmentally friendly green concept to the field of education

dear students: this textbook in your hand, which reduces the comprehensive energy consumption of products by more than 50%, is printed according to the green printing standard, and the green printing product logo is printed on the back cover. From the autumn semester of 2013, the machine should be placed on a prefabricated 720mmx600mm cement foundation 300mm above the ground. All primary and secondary school textbooks published and used in Beijing for compulsory education will be green printed. Let's join hands to support green printing, choose green printing products, care for the environment and grow healthily together! The above sentence will appear after the school starts in September this autumn. Primary and secondary school students in Beijing will expect to make more primary school students use green printed books on the newly issued textbook copyright page. Beijing is the beginning, and more and more provinces will join it in succession. Goal 17. Control function: with constant speed control mode, primary and secondary school students across the country will use green printed books as soon as possible, We are striving to achieve an annualized return on investment of 8% or higher

at the same time, Shanghai has also announced that it will comprehensively carry out green printing of textbooks in the city, and plans to include all textbooks for students and teaching reference materials for teachers from kindergarten to high school in this green printing scheme. The implementation is only a step in time, and preparations are in progress one after another

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