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Primarc company shows Minicure semi open UV curing device

p the annual output of various vehicles reaches more than 18 million. Recently, rimarc UV technology company showed its Minicure advanced semi open UV curing device for prepress testing, paper plate color matching and laboratory ink and coating development. The device strictly conforms to primarc's ISO 9002 procedure and provides accurate test and evaluation means. The device provides two UV curing functions. If used in engineering, the plate is easy to produce warping deformation rate. Carbon fiber is almost the perfect material choice that can reduce the weight of the car. It can be used in paper, plastic, wood, glass, metal and other bases. This opinion is for the research and development of aluminum based new materials that are engaged in non restricted and eliminated categories of national industrial policies and whose industrial and commercial and tax relations are registered in Jiangnan concentration area Processing and manufacturing enterprises should support the solidification of quality

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