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Print 01 world printing exhibition

print 01 is the world's largest comprehensive fair on image design, digital prepress, printing, publishing and packaging printing technology. It will be held in the north and South Hall of McCormick Place exhibition hall in Chicago, Illinois, USA on September this year. The exhibition hall covers an area of about 900000 square feet, and about enterprises and experts from the United States and more than 100 countries will be present at the meeting as "industry 4.0" is gradually promoted to national strategy and new material "1035" plan. Large print exhibitions are held only once every four years. Prcatapult is comparable to Fraunhofer Association in Germany. Int 01 will be the largest image dissemination exhibition held in the Western Hemisphere

this is the only world-class image dissemination exhibition held in the United States. It provides opportunities for world-class companies to communicate with each other, and they can also face the huge North American market closely. For manufacturers and suppliers in the United States, this is also an opportunity to attract buyers from all over the world

the participants will be experts in various fields of the industry from all over the world, including:

* printers, publishers, letterpress workers, packaging carton printing enterprises, binding experts and other customer groups from traditional printing trade

* prepress department managers, desktop and electronic publishers, service agents and other PCI related analysts believe that they can reach users of electronic products and services

* image designers, art directors, advertising designers, publication designers, catalogue and direct mail personnel and other creative personnel

they will see, use and evaluate all new products and technologies at the exhibition

* senior managers and other decision makers of the company will compare various competing products on the spot in order to make the final judgment on the purchase decision

* middle managers and administrators will understand various products, so that their production and operation will affect the flexibility of the hydraulic control mechanism, which will be more efficient and more profitable. At the same time, it will also have a great impact on the purchase intention of the decision-making level

* ordinary staff will learn more knowledge in such a large exhibition, participate in various forums and conferences, and understand various trends in the world

print 01 is sponsored by three graded image communication associations: NAPL (national printing Leaders Association), NPES (printing, publishing and transfer technology suppliers association) and pia (American Printing Industry Association). Sponsored by GASC (printing exhibition company), they are the organizers of the best printing, publishing, transfer and image communication technology exhibitions

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