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Simon Rayson built FANUC robot application research base

engineers are debugging

Simon Rayson is a robot system integration and application research-oriented high-tech enterprise in recent years, and it is also the only authorized robot application research and development demonstration center in Southwest China. Since 2016, the assembly and disassembly of the servo valve should be carried out in a clean environment as far as possible in Jiulongpo District, 670 robots were sold in 2017, with an output value of 100 million yuan

in the Chongqing hi tech Zone and Jiulongpo exhibition area of the first smart Expo, two huge bright yellow iron arms waved to each other, and then held tightly together, like a bridge connecting the Chongqing hi tech Zone and Jiulongpo exhibition area. Such wonders have attracted the attention of many visitors and become the "red" scenic spot in the exhibition hall

and this pair of "red" manipulator is independently developed by Chongqing Ximen Rayson precision equipment manufacturing Research Institute Co., Ltd. Founded in July, 2013, the company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in robot system integration and application research. It is a strategic partner of Shanghai FANUC robot in the southwest region. It has a deep CAE technology background and engineering practice. It has a research and development team that has been successfully tested by the Chinese economy in the past 40 years. It is also the only authorized robot application research and development demonstration center in the southwest region. Since it was settled in Jiulongpo District in 2016, 670 robots have been sold in 2017, with an output value of 100 million yuan

industrial robots help enterprises save costs

according to yuehaisheng, an engineer of Simon Rayson electric automobile, the "red" manipulator at the smart Expo first designed the executive end of the manipulator, the palm, and then designed a cylinder at the joint of each finger. Through pneumatics, the air is compressed into energy to push each joint on the finger, and then the flexibility of the finger is controlled through program design, so that the two mechanical arms send signals to each other to make them reach the state of "handshake"

Yue Haisheng revealed that an industrial robot can replace three stations, which greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise and increases the output. The industrial robot business of the company covers the southwest area of China, which can help the enterprise achieve an output value of 20million yuan a year and save a lot of production costs for the enterprise

create a precision intelligent manufacturing professional incubator

in September 2016, the company established Chongqing precision intelligent manufacturing incubator, with a construction area of 24000 square meters. In April 2017, the incubator officially began operation

it is understood that the operating procedures and equipment maintenance precautions of Chongqing's first electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine jointly built by a number of colleges, institutes and enterprises are based on o2o online and offline precision intelligent manufacturing professional Incubation Park, which provides a large number of policy guarantees for entrepreneurial talents and teams: rent reduction, tax subsidies, talent introduction subsidies, equipment purchase subsidies and many other preferential policies, Comprehensively ensure the smooth operation of the enterprises settled in the Incubation Park, and a total of 27 entrepreneurial teams have been settled in the park

the incubator has set up policy consultation, technology outsourcing and foreign trade service windows online to provide enterprises and teams with policy consultation, project application, new product development, technological transformation, foreign trade customs clearance, logistics and other related services in the process of enterprise services

offline, the incubator has introduced 8 enterprise service teams involving professional technology, financial services, intellectual property rights, etc., including the school of mechanical engineering of Chongqing University, the State Key Laboratory of mechanical transmission, Shanghai FANUC, Beijing Tianping patent office, and has basically formed a precision intelligent manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship service system integrating manufacturing, product research and development, technical consulting, capital integration, project incubation, and scientific and technological achievements transformation

according to statistics, since April 2017, the company has accepted 34 patents for incubator enterprises and entrepreneurial teams, including 6 invention patents and 21 engineering and technical problems

southwest area machine Personnel Certification Center

FANUC is a leading group in the global factory automation industry, specializing in the research of industrial robots and numerical control systems, accounting for 70% of the global market share, and is the first of the four robot families

in August 2017, Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd. officially signed a cooperation agreement with Chongqing precision intelligent manufacturing Incubation Park on the project of "FANUC intelligent manufacturing research demonstration base", and at the same time, jointly built FANUC robot application research base. The base will base on Chongqing and radiate the whole southwest region, focus on solving the production process, technological innovation, human resources and other problems faced by traditional manufacturing enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and realize the development from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing

at the same time, Chongqing precision intelligent manufacturing Incubation Park also serves as the Certification Center for machine personnel in the southwest area of Shanghai FANUC robot. At present, the entire training area covers an area of about 2000 square meters, with more than 20 sets of robots and an automated production demonstration line

in May this year, the center introduced the CNC machining robot workstation project of Chongqing Polytechnic Institute of industry. The project is mainly composed of robots, loading and unloading channels, turnover mechanism, air blowing and cleaning device, control system, tooling fixtures, and CNC system software. By using robots to automatically load and unload a CNC lathe and CNC drilling and milling center, the functions of robot teaching and NC machining are completed

in the later stage of the project, the college teachers will be trained in robot operation and off-line simulation roboguide. Each part is taught and explained by corresponding professional training teachers. The training includes theoretical training and practical training, in which the theoretical time accounts for about 1/3 and the practical time accounts for about 2/3, so as to ensure that each student has enough time to actually operate the robot

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