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Sinopec reduced ethylene production to increase product oil supply to ensure market supply

Xinhua Beijing, March 21 (Anbei, Hu Junchao) China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation announced on the 21st that it could print. In order to ensure the supply of spring ploughing oil across the country, Sinopec will reduce ethylene production in March to increase product oil production

it is understood that the production reduction measures involve five subordinate enterprises including Maoming Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical and Zhongyuan Petrochemical, which are expected to reduce the ethylene production by 30000 tons and increase the production of refined oil by about 100000 tons compared with the original monthly plan

according to the relevant person in charge of Sinopec production and operation management department, there are three main considerations for reducing ethylene and increasing product oil this time: first, the peak of national spring ploughing oil is coming, and the chemical light oil produced by reducing ethylene production can be used to produce product oil, so as to make preparations in advance to ensure that spring ploughing becomes a government funded oil market. Second, the overhaul of some refineries nationwide is concentrated in March and April. Under the current high load condition of refineries, reducing the production of chemical light oil will help refineries produce more refined oil and ensure the stability of the supply of refined oil market. Third, the demand for some products in the chemical market has decreased recently. Reducing the production of ethylene will help enterprises adjust their product structure

the person in charge said that if the market still needs it, corresponding measures may continue to be taken in April

the person in charge said that in order to effectively ensure the market demand for refined oil, Sinopec will continue to maintain the high load operation of refining units, strengthen the adjustment of product structure, and encourage enterprises to produce more refined oil by issuing corresponding incentive policies. In terms of sales, we will continue to do a good job in the organization and transportation of refined oil market, and supply the market with quality and quantity

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