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Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Technology Innovation helps chemical industry turn losses into profits

"the output of heat-resistant polyethylene pipe materials independently developed by us has exceeded 50% of the production capacity of the device, and the output is expected to reach 100000 tons this year." On June 26, Wang Zemin, director of the high density polyethylene workshop of Qilu Petrochemical plastic plant, said

the new product mentioned by Wang Zemin won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of the group company, breaking the monopoly position of foreign products in China. After 11 years of development and production since the price of the product rose in the 20th century, it has produced dozens of tons per month at the beginning, and now it produces 89000 tons per month. Relying on this product, Qilu Petrochemical polyethylene plastic products have been upgraded, and great progress has been made in structural adjustment

develop sixorseven new resin products every year

after several consecutive years of losses, Qilu Petrochemical and chemical industry sector has turned into full profit this year, and its benefit ranking among the eight major refining and chemical enterprises has been steadily improved, thanks to scientific research and development and product technology innovation

Qilu Petrochemical's scientific and technological experts and keweili's coating can prohibit the entry of materials such as carbon dioxide, oxygen and condiments into products. Yangbaozhu, director of the Technology Department of Qilu Petrochemical, introduced that in recent years, Qilu Petrochemical has concentrated its scientific research, production, sales and other forces to give full play to its technological research and development advantages, and only the chemical sector develops sixorseven new resin products every year. From January to May this year, five new products were developed, including polypropylene special film material, low-density polyethylene film material and chlorinated PVC. By constantly launching new products, they have achieved the goal of "no one, no one, no one", promoted the upgrading of chemical products and the structural adjustment of devices, and improved the efficiency creation ability

over the years, Qilu Petrochemical has streamlined its institutions and reduced its costs, but its investment in scientific research has never decreased. Relying on the seven research institutes of petroleum processing, industrial catalysis and organic chemical industry under Qilu Petrochemical Research Institute, Qilu Petrochemical has always maintained the domestic leading level in sulfur recovery, hydrogen production and sulfur tolerant shift catalyst technology. The catalyst localization project of the large sulfur recovery unit developed by the company has been applied in Zhongyuan Oilfield and Puguang purification plant, completely replacing the imported catalyst

strengthen the transformation of innovative achievements

in recent years, Qilu Petrochemical insists on being close to the market and the site, serves production based on benefits, and continues to strengthen scientific research innovation and management innovation. It has won 11 national awards, 146 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards, 273 patents, 16 foreign patents, and a large number of scientific research achievements have been promoted and applied in the company

high density ethylene flare gas recovery has been a problem that Qilu Petrochemical has been trying to solve for many years. In 2014, Qilu Petrochemical set up a technical research team to resolve this problem. Engineers and technicians creatively proposed the use of freezing separation technology to recover ethylene raw materials and nitrogen from flare gas, and worked with Zhejiang University to discuss a set of feasible technical solutions. On January 4 this year, the torch gas recovery system with an investment of 8million yuan was completed and put into operation. 100000 cubic meters of nitrogen and 180 tons of ethylene raw materials can be recovered every month, and the investment cost can be recovered in half a year. This system, as the first system in the domestic polyolefin industry to adopt the unpowered cryogenic separation technology, has the characteristics of good separation and recovery effect and less investment in the later stage, and has strong application and promotion value in the industry

focusing on the application of new equipment, new materials, new processes and the development of new products, Qilushi has made the pointer point to zero. On the one hand, it has introduced the latest and most mature new technology for our use. On the other hand, it has fully mobilized the enthusiasm of scientific research experts and engineering technicians, strengthened scientific and technological research, and solved a large number of key problems in safety and environmental protection production

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