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2010 is a year full of opportunities and challenges. What opportunities will the building materials industry have in the face of the upcoming Shanghai WorldExpo and Guangzhou Asian Games? What are the key words for the development of building materials and coatings industry in 2010

the online marketing war of various industries has already begun, and the coating industry is no exception. In order to strive for more opportunities, the coating industry should find out the development point of this WorldExpo

the preparations for the Shanghai WorldExpo are drawing to a close. Both the Shanghai WorldExpo and the Guangzhou Asian Games are the growth points of the future paint market and industry development, especially the upcoming Shanghai WorldExpo. The 2010 WorldExpo will be held in Shanghai, China. The planned investment of this WorldExpo will exceed 200billion yuan. It will become the largest World Expo in history. It is also the World Expo with the most ornamental value. The estimated construction area is 5.28 square kilometers, and the total capital budget is 28.6 billion yuan, which has set a record high in China's construction projects, and derived more than 200 billion yuan of investment in other supporting projects other than infrastructure and venue construction. And 2009 is the time when the infrastructure construction is completed and the decoration project begins. It is estimated that the comprehensive economy will generate a decoration market demand of up to 7000 trillion yuan. For the coating industry, even one tenth of it is a very tempting market, which is a great opportunity for the coating industry and the whole building materials industry

the beginning of the 2008 Olympic Games has stimulated the development of architectural coatings to the functional direction of high-performance, environmental protection and antibacterial, and the water-based coatings suitable for the outer wall coating of high-rise buildings with stain resistance, high color retention and low toxicity have become a hot spot of development and a new wave of market development. The concept of paint industry development also needs to be consistent with the humanistic and green concept of the Olympic Games. In addition, functional coatings such as fire-proof, corrosion-proof and thermal insulation can be tested in the future after being checked by the instructor, which has great market potential and explodes the serious overcapacity of traditional chemical fiber nbsp; The innovation of new materials is not "hot". In the construction of many venues, the coating products of some well-known domestic enterprises have appeared in the construction of Olympic venues, such as China Resources, meitushi, Zhonghua paint, Fuya paint, etc. New, environment-friendly and highly functional high-tech products have also attracted the attention of many coating enterprises

2010 "five fatal points" for coating enterprises to win the market

2010 is a different year. In addition to the WorldExpo and the Asian Games, which key words will the development and growth of the coating industry focus on? Here are some details

keyword 1: low carbon

it goes without saying that everyone will consciously implement it, because climate warming is a global problem, which is related to their own vital interests. Since the fundamental Hagen conference held in 2009, low-carbon will be a direction of the development of the coating industry today and even in the future, which is also the responsibility and obligation of every person on earth. Now the alarm of the environmental crisis has been sounded to people. If you don't comply, the ultimate victim will be yourself

key word 2: celebrity endorsement

2009 is a year of celebrity endorsement. Last year, many coating brand merchants made extraordinary profits, which laid a new direction for the development of the company and the coating industry. The coating industry will also endorse tomorrow, which adds new ideas to the coating industry and is also a good sign of brand promotion. This year, coating enterprises will continue to move forward on this road, Use celebrity endorsements to better Advertise yourself and walk out of your own way

key word 3: environmental protection

coating environmental protection heat. In 2009, there are coatings that can be "drunk" and coatings that can be "cooked" in the coating industry. The environmental protection heat among the coating industry has continued and will continue this year. The Copenhagen conference warned people that environmental protection and low carbon will be the two main directions of today's industry development

key word 4: network marketing

today's society is a network society. Networks are everywhere, transmitting new information and knowledge to people. How will we use the advantages of networks to promote ourselves? This is very important. If an enterprise wants to develop, it must find the direction and foothold of development, be creative and emerging things, and be able to understand the needs of consumers in the market. It is not important for coating enterprises to do a good job in the cake of the primary and secondary markets and the 34 airports. There is also the development of emerging markets, that is, the network market. With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous progress of society, the network will surely enter thousands of households, It must be able to realize that every family has a computer and information is always available. Realize that you can buy what you want at home without going out. Have you seen this emerging network market? Are you ready

key word 5: building materials to the countryside

building materials to the countryside is an important topic advocated in the No. 1 central document, and it is also a topic of the two sessions. This will be an inevitable trend of fine differentiation of building materials, and also a direction of the development of coating industry in 2010

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