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Sinopec escorts the development of manufacturing industry with lubrication technology during the 13th Five Year Plan period. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, China's manufacturing industry has made great achievements, actively moving towards high-end and high added value, and the proportion of advanced manufacturing industry has continued to increase. As a participant and supporter of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil has made great achievements in the development of China's manufacturing industry during the "13th five year plan" period of "building a world-class energy and chemical company", actively moving towards high-end and high added value, and the proportion of advanced manufacturing industry continues to increase. As a participant and supporter of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil focuses on the goal of "building a scientific and technological support system for lubricating oil products compatible with the world's first-class energy and chemical companies", and takes the technical cooperation of equipment manufacturers in the high-end field and the substitution of high-end oil imports as the key breakthrough to further consolidate its technical advantages and break through the technical certification of key equipment manufacturers during the "13th five year plan", A total of 616 products have been written into the equipment manual and obtained OEM certification, including 410 mainstream products and 206 high-end equipment, of which 247 have formed supporting achievements, effectively supporting market expansion and efficiency. It has provided lubrication guarantee for the development of science and technology in all walks of life and achieved fruitful results

by the end of 2020, China's total railway mileage has reached 146000 kilometers, including more than 39000 kilometers of high-speed railway, ranking first in the world. Urban rail transit has also been greatly developed, with a total mileage of 6900 kilometers. Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil has joined the "Fuxing" gearbox lubrication project since its research and development stage. It has been successfully written into the "Fuxing" gearbox. The supplier can also complete various functions by computer, conduct data processing and analysis, and print the gear box instructions of Qishuyan standard car. The axle box grease of the supporting 250km/h EMU has been approved by the Academy of Railway Sciences, the bearing shaft, and the Luo shaft. In the same period, the lubricating oil of 250 km/h EMU crh2a and 350 km/h EMU crh380 passed the test of 600000 km driving test, and the service life reached twice the European standard of 300000 km. In addition, Great Wall lubricating oil has also carried out lubricating oil tests under multiple topographic and meteorological conditions according to China's complex landform, geological conditions and natural environment, and obtained first-hand data for application. At present, the alpine wind and sand proof EMUs serving the Lanzhou Xinjiang line fully use Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil products to replace imports and serve the western development strategy. In the field of rail transit, the Great Wall vs urban rail gear oil is the first batch of Metro and vt 75w-90 gear oil to support Dalian locomotives, adding combat power to the economic development of the urban region. From gear boxes, bearings, motors, to shock absorbers, Sinopec Great Wall lubricant has become an important supporting force for rail transit, witnessing China's speed with world-class lubrication technology

during the "13th five year plan" period, China has also made great achievements in the field of clean energy construction, only wind power. By the end of June 2020, the cumulative installed capacity of wind power in China was 217 million KW, of which the cumulative installed capacity of onshore wind power was 210 million KW and offshore wind power was 6.99 million KW. As the standard setter of wind power lubrication in China, Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil actively promotes the research and development of advanced products in the field of wind power lubrication, improves the management ability of lubrication services, and meets the "rigid demand" of wind power enterprises for cost reduction and efficiency increase in operation and maintenance. At present, Great Wall lubricating oil wind power products cover wind power gear oil, wind power main shaft bearings, yaw pitch, generator bearing grease, wind power inverter coolant, etc. it is the only enterprise in China that has a full set of fan lubrication product line. Its products are fully advanced in terms of long-term performance, low-temperature starting ability, excellent anti-wear and anti pitting performance, and compatibility of supporting materials. Its products have obtained Siemens wina extreme wind power gearbox Brand certification covering 80% of the industry, such as heavy gear wind power gearbox and Flender, a well-known gearbox manufacturer of international wind power equipment. It is widely used in Goldwind technology, Mingyang wind power in the preparation process of mixed ingredients, Yunda wind power, Dongfang Electric and other wind turbine brands, and has realized the batch application of 890 wind turbine units in 10 wind farms

according to the International Federation of robotics, by 2020, only about half of China's 10 industrial robots have been successfully installed, with a cumulative installation of 783000 units, ranking first in Asia. During the "13th five year plan" period of Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil, it actively launched the localization technology of industrial robot lubricating oil, successfully broke the foreign technological monopoly, and established China's first robot lubrication standard with independent intellectual property rights. At present, if the size of non (8) section steel of Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil products cannot meet the above requirements, it is only widely used in domestic mainstream manufacturers Xinsong, Lvdi and Guangzhou CNC, and has also achieved demonstration applications in international giant brands such as abb and KUKA robots. The special oil for reducer has been used on ABB and KUKA robots for more than 6000 hours, and ABB irb6640 has been used for more than 8000 hours; It has been applied in DPCA ABB irb6600abb IRB 6640 for more than 5000 hours. Its high reliability has been widely recognized by users, and more import substitution service intentions and orders have been obtained. It has preliminarily realized the lubrication matching of domestic robots and the localization substitution of lubricating oil of imported robots in stock, significantly reducing the cost of Chinese enterprises' transformation to intelligence and automation

Sinopec Great Wall lubricants has also reaped a large number of technical certification achievements in the automotive, electric power, cement, metallurgy, coal, construction machinery, shipping and other industries, escorting the high-quality development of various industries. To meet the "14th five year plan", Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil continues to adhere to the cooperation with the world's leading OEMs to carry out synchronous supporting research and development, strengthen the writing of instructions to empower market development, and lay a more solid lubrication foundation for Chinese manufacturing to the world. (Xu ran)

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