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Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical is fully prepared for the Asian Games

"please get off the train to check your card, and please open the door for inspection." At the gate post of Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical refinery plant, the economic police on duty saluted the car driver parked at the gate of the plant

"old friend, the leader in the car went to the factory to inspect the work." The driver often runs to the factory and is familiar with the economic police on duty

"sorry, the Asian Games is about to open. The company has raised Sinopec and PetroChina security to the highest level, and all personnel and vehicles entering and leaving the plant should be strictly inspected." The policeman on duty is neither humble nor arrogant

Replace new gaskets in time

with the 2016 China smart factory Summit Forum held in Guangzhou and the Asian Games approaching, as the largest oil refining and chemical production base in South China, Maoming Petrochemical Company mobilized the whole plant and entered a "war ready" state

they carefully planned that the function of the chuck fixture in the transverse load (tension) experiment in the fine tension experiment is to transmit the longitudinal load to the sample to ensure the security work in the factory. Maoming Petrochemical established a leading group for "welcoming the Asian Games and ensuring safety" to carry out in-depth hidden danger investigation and treatment activities to ensure the safe production of the plant to the greatest extent. Implement the whole process dynamic management of direct operation links to ensure the safety of construction operations; Implement closed management of the plant, and maintain 24-hour infrared monitoring of important places such as factory walls and warehouses; Strengthen the management of hazardous chemicals, highly toxic chemicals and radioactive sources in strict accordance with the system, and prevent abnormal use and outflow

they strengthened public opinion information work, increased efforts to resolve contradictions, and ensured the overall harmony and stability of the company. Do a good job in the risk early warning of the safety and internal stability of the company expressed by the workers involved in the waste purchase of a community in the Asian Games, and take the initiative to resolve the contradictions and eliminate the unstable factors from the source according to the working idea of "grasping the early, grasping the small and grasping the symptoms". Improve the emergency plan, carry out plan drills, improve the ability to deal with all kinds of emergencies, minimize accidents and crack down on crime

they are working at full capacity to expand the total processing volume and strive to produce high-quality and clean oil products for the Asian Games to ensure market supply. In October, a total of 1.133 million tons of crude oil were processed, an increase of 13000 tons over the plan, and 544000 tons of steam, coal and diesel oil were produced, all of which were high-grade gasoline above No. 93. In November, they plan to process 1.05 million tons of crude oil and produce 521000 tons of oil products, making every effort to ensure the market use of oil during the Asian Games

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