Although the hottest heavy trucks are cold, intens

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Although the heavy truck is cold, the intensive cultivation market segment or welcome the "spring"

although the heavy truck is cold, the intensive cultivation market segment or welcome the "spring"

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turn the buffer to the appropriate position, it can be in the middle and late July. There is a more authoritative statistics on the decline of the heavy truck market in the first half of this year: 31.13% (data from China Automobile Industry Association). Industry insiders were not surprised by the double-digit decline. The decline of heavy truck sales in the first half of the year was expected to exceed 30%. Therefore, this newspaper opened a series of reports on Chinese trucks "facing difficulties and breaking through the siege", hoping to find a practical path for heavy trucks to break through the siege under the background of the market downturn

among the many breakthrough paths, there is a widely recognized path - deep cultivation of market segments. "In the case of market downturn, focusing on market segmentation and realizing product structure adjustment is an important way to break through." Tanxiuqing, a senior expert in the industry, told the author when supporting the heavy truck breakthrough

the decline of heavy trucks began to narrow

according to the latest statistical data of China Association of automobile manufacturers, the requirements for surface roughness were different in June 2015. A total of 50273 domestic heavy trucks were sold, a year-on-year decrease of 21.1%; In the first half of the year, the cumulative sales volume was 295489, with a cumulative year-on-year decrease of 31.13%

it is worth mentioning here that the decline in heavy truck sales in June began to narrow to 21.1%, while in the previous four months, the single month sales decline in the heavy truck market continued to exceed 30%. 2. The year-on-year declines in March, April and may were 50%, 30%, 33% and 31% respectively. "There are obvious signs of recovery in the heavy truck market." Liu Zhengtao, general manager of the marketing department of SINOTRUK, told the author after conducting field research on the logistics market in Shandong at the end of May

we can't rewrite the trend of the heavy truck market in the first half of this year. The year-on-year decline of 31.13% in total sales is enough to explain the recession. However, from June, the market began to show new vitality. "If the market performance in the second half of the year is good enough, the heavy truck market may be the same as last year." Many people in the industry made such optimistic judgments to the author

then, where is the market vitality in the second half of the year? How to grasp

market segments need to be deeply cultivated

the market vitality in the second half of the year will be concentrated in each "vibrant" market segment. Car companies can seize the market opportunities in the second half of the year by identifying their own advantageous market segments according to product positioning

at present, one of the most obvious changes in the heavy truck segment is the sharp decline in the market sales of dump trucks, in contrast to the obvious growth momentum of logistics tractors. In this regard, many car companies have adjusted their product structure and tried to bring their product lines closer to areas with large market space. The most typical examples in the industry are China heavy truck and Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile, which have adjusted their product lines dominated by engineering vehicles to road vehicles, and have achieved good results. In fact, there are many successful cases of adjusting product structure and grasping market segmentation in the industry. For example, the current light truck enterprises' products are striving to go high-end and seize the high-end urban logistics market after experiencing the baptism of the fourth national emission upgrading

if the industry served by each segment model can be called a segment market, such as concrete mixer, dangerous goods transport vehicle, port tractor, refrigerator truck, etc., then the segments of the heavy truck industry are countless. These market segments are the areas worthy of intensive work in the second half of the year

"to judge the market performance of a product, we should not only look at its total sales volume, but should look at how much share the product occupies in the segment market." A person from the brand publicity department of a commercial vehicle enterprise made such an analysis. It can be seen that a product that can be the leader in the market segment is successful. Therefore, every market segment is worthy of targeted deep cultivation and careful work by car enterprises

where is the largest market segment

since there are many heavy truck segments, where is the largest segment

according to tanxiuqing, in the past, the driving force of the heavy truck market mainly came from the real estate and infrastructure construction projects that have attracted much attention, and the market space for engineering dump trucks is very large. Nowadays, with the national macro-economic regulation of the market, as well as the rapid development of logistics and e-commerce, the tractor has ushered in market opportunities

"the market potential of trucks specially used for e-commerce logistics is huge." A relevant person from a special vehicle factory told the author that it is reported that the special vehicle factory has jointly developed and developed a truck suitable for e-commerce logistics with a home appliance supplier logistics company in Shanghai, which has been recognized by the market

in short, for the heavy truck industry, the current largest market segment must be related to "e-commerce" and "logistics". In addition, the high-power tendency of heavy truck products is becoming more and more obvious

at present, the T-series high-power products of SINOTRUK have been gradually put on the market. When Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong H7 was unveiled, the enterprise personage also said that H7 would also be equipped with high-power engines with the change of market demand

at the same time, it is particularly necessary to point out that the overseas market is also a market segment with huge market space

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