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The environment of the film coating workshop is partly caused by the machine itself, and the influence of temperature and humidity

the environmental humidity of the film coating workshop has an impact on the film coating quality. It is mainly because the water content between adhesive and plastic film and printing changes with the change of air relative humidity. Printing materials sensitive to humidity will produce internal stress due to size changes

for example, the longitudinal expansion rate of printed matter is 0.5%, and the longitudinal thermal shrinkage of BOPP film is 4%. If the printed matter is elongated due to excessive water absorption, it will cause internal stress between the elongation and the heating shrinkage of the film, which will lead to the curling, wrinkling and weak adhesion of the film covered product August 10. In addition, in the environment with high humidity, the equilibrium moisture value of the printed matter will also change. A large amount of moisture absorbed from the air medium will be released from the surface during the hot pressing process, stagnate at the bonding interface, and form a non bonding phenomenon locally. Moreover, the change of the equilibrium moisture value of the printed matter (moisture absorption from the air medium or moisture release to the air medium) mostly occurs at the edge of the printed matter, making it form a ruffled edge or tight edge. It is not easy to form a good adhesion with the film and produce wrinkles in the hot pressing composite, so that the production cannot proceed smoothly

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