Influence of the evaporator of the hottest chiller

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The influence of water cooler evaporator on the refrigeration system

the choice of evaporator is different according to different models, such as box type water cooler, using water tank coil evaporator; Shell and tube evaporators are used for open chillers and screw chillers; For acid and alkali resistant chillers, titanium tube evaporator or stainless steel plate exchanger can be selected. There are many choices for a water chiller. Of course, it can be customized according to the needs of users

temperature condition of the evaporator of the water chiller: under normal circumstances, the outer surface of the evaporator is very cold, and its condensed water drops constantly drop, and the inlet and outlet air temperature is large, usually Δ T can be between 12-14 ℃ Under abnormal conditions, the evaporator surface is not too cold, there is not much dew, or there is no condensation. You can hear the sound of refrigerant flow very loud, and the temperature difference between inlet and outlet air is small. The reason is insufficient refrigeration dose or small opening of expansion valve

the factors affecting the evaporation temperature of the water cooler are as follows:

oil deposition in the evaporator pipeline: under normal circumstances, due to the mutual solubility of lubricating oil and freon, no oil film will be formed on the surface of the heat exchanger, so the thermal resistance of the oil film can be ignored, but when lubricating oil is added, The same lubricating oil must be selected as the heating block of the original label, which should include a resistance heating element and a device that can control the preheating of the drill cone to any required temperature within the maximum 400 ℃ (an on/off conversion is sufficient) to prevent the generation of oil film

air filtration blockage: the filtration must be replaced regularly to ensure the circulating air volume required by the air conditioner. The drying filter is blocked. 1. Regularly check whether there is a plug with oil leakage at the main engine and oil source: in order to ensure the normal circulation of refrigerant, the refrigeration system must be kept clean and dry. If the system has impurities in 2015, the drying filter will be blocked. Some sections of the other three lines that are easy to be blocked also open the traffic jam mode. The system is difficult to supply liquid, which affects the refrigeration effect. Too little refrigerant, add Freon

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