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The influence of packaging, storage and transportation of western ham on quality

the amount of transportation of western ham dishes on the quality of material h. The western ham that is thoroughly cold in the center shall be demoulded and packaged, while those that need to be sliced and packaged shall be cooled to the center temperature of 4 or below, and demoulding, slicing, sub packaging and sealing shall be carried out strictly according to the aseptic operation method. Due to the difficulty of secondary pollution control, the packaging method of slicing and subpackaging is not advocated. After microbiological examination, in the workshop after general cleaning, the bacterial content in the air is 1~102/cm2, machinery and molds up to 5x] 3~5xl4/cm2, cutting surface and handle 105x104/cm2, chopping block is up to 5x103/cm2, and the bacterial content of molds, knives, sticky plates and other small tools treated by electronic disinfection cabinet can be reduced to 360/cm2 In the production process of ordinary western ham, the bacteria content of raw meat is 104~106/g, which decreases to 104~105/g after curing and rolling, increases to 104~106/g after molding, and decreases to 103/g after boiling, steaming and cooling. However, when the steamer's process is unreasonable or the number of original bacteria is too large, it can also reach 104/g. therefore, it is necessary to ask the professional personnel of the manufacturer to inspect g. if the hygiene concept is not strong when slicing and packaging, the bacteria content of the finished product can reach 105/g, Exceeding the national health standards. Therefore, the slicing and packaging room should not only be cooled by air conditioning, and the temperature of the workshop should not exceed 20c, but also the tools, articles and rooms should be disinfected after cleaning. The sterile air preservation will also use 5.7 billion pens for one year, and the heart of the pen will be held under positive pressure. After the packaging is completed, the Western-style ham will be immediately placed in the cold storage to cool to 05 ℃. Special refrigerated transportation tools and refrigerated sales counters should be used for the transportation and sales of products, so that the products can always be kept at 05%. The short-term temperature rise shall not exceed 10%, so that the quality will not be accelerated due to storage, transportation and sales. (Liu chaozhai) taboo, "Eight huamingfeng" (Shandong Pingyi County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine 273300) -Avoid drinking too much. Drinking too much beer at a time will make the blood open. At this time, drinking beer in a hurry will lead to the increase of lead content in pores due to sudden cold. Long term excessive drinking will lead to fat accumulation, affect heart function, inhibit and destroy brain cells. Second, avoid drinking with liquor. Drinking strong Baijiu and beer, or mixing beer with Baijiu, will stimulate the digestive tract and easily lead to digestive disorders. Three avoid drinking beer that has been stored for a long time. Ordinary beer can be stored for 2 months, high-quality beer can be stored for 4 months, and bulk beer can only be stored for days. Drinking beer that has been stored for a long time is easy to cause diarrhea or poisoning. Four taboos for patients with digestive system diseases. Chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal bulb. Drinking beer in patients with ulcer is easy to increase gastrointestinal pressure and induce perforation of gastric and duodenal ulcer, which is life-threatening. Five taboos: drink beer after sweating. Sweating sweat gland hair and developed countries have a certain gap between the rapid closure of the hole, resulting in the body temperature can be connected to the computer control console to emit blocked and stop sweating, inducing colds and other diseases. Six, avoid taking drugs with beer. When beer is mixed with drugs, it not only increases acidity, but also destroys blood absorption, reduces drug efficacy and even produces side effects, especially for antibiotics, antihypertensive drugs, sedatives, anticoagulants and other drugs. Seven avoid eating pickled and smoked food together. The cured products contain organic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons benzopyrene and aminomethyl derivatives. When drinking a certain amount of beer, the blood lead content increases, and when combined with the above substances, it is easy to induce digestive tract diseases. Eight avoid using a thermos to store beer. Beer is easy to react with mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead and other metals in the scale on the inner wall of the thermos, which often leads to metal poisoning in human body. (Liu chaozhai) meat hygiene

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