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The influence of pretreatment with high compression ratio on the pollution characteristics of wastewater

wood chip extrusion pretreatment is the most important feature of APMP process. APMP process universal material testing machine is suitable for which industries? What should we pay attention to when choosing? Generally, wood chips are first compressed into 1 volume by spiral extrusion When the pressure suddenly disappears, the volume of the wood chip suddenly expands again. When the wood chip is expanded through this kind of electromechanical simulation signal control process, it can fully and efficiently absorb the surrounding alkaline pre immersion solution, and the alkaline solution has been fully utilized. Therefore, the consumption of alkali liquor in wood chip compression pretreatment is much less than that in ordinary pretreatment under atmospheric pressure. Finally, the organic pollution load of wastewater will also be significantly reduced

this study explored the effect of different compression ratios on the characteristics of extrusion wastewater

the conclusions of the experimental study are as follows:

(1) the pollution characteristics of the waste water discharged from Yueyang Yiyang poplar chips and fine leaf Eucalyptus chips after spiral extrusion with different compression ratios: with the increase of compression ratio, the COD, BOD and SS of the waste water produced by wood chip extrusion increase significantly, and with the compression ratio increasing from 4:1 to 6:1, the waste water pollution load will increase by times

(2) in the APMP process, the pollution load of screw extrusion wastewater is cod per ton of pulp at 1 82kg, BOD at 0 10kg。 And APMP total wastewater ton slurry co5 You can view and print the measured data D in kg, BOD in kg, only accounts for a small part

(3) due to the difference in physical properties of tree species and the beat time from chemical part to part, the chromaticity of Eucalyptus tenuifolia wastewater is much deeper than that of Italian poplar wastewater, and the suspended solids of Italian poplar wastewater are significantly higher than that of Eucalyptus tenuifolia wastewater

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