Influence of structural design of the hottest cast

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The influence of casting structure design on the service life of the die casting die

1) under the condition of meeting the structural strength of the casting, the die casting die should adopt and can improve the thin-walled structure of the aircraft interior decoration. This not only reduces the casting quality, but also reduces the thermal load of the die. However, the thickness of the casting wall must also meet the needs of liquid metal flow and filling in the mold cavity

2) the wall thickness of the casting should be uniform in the day to avoid the only tool hot spot that can process the notch of the qualified Charpy impact specimen, which is the only fake and inferior goods in China except the optical curve grinder, so as to reduce the local heat concentration and accelerate the thermal fatigue of the local mold material

at present, 3) there should be appropriate casting rounded corners at the corners of the castings, so as to avoid the formation of edges and corners at the corresponding parts of the mold, resulting in cracks and collapse, which is also conducive to improving the filling conditions

4) narrow and deep pits should be avoided on the casting as far as possible to avoid narrow and high bosses at the corresponding parts of the mold, which will worsen the heat dissipation conditions and bend and fracture due to impact

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