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China's top ten packaging machinery that are most suitable for priority development

packaging machinery has developed with the emergence of new packaging materials and the continuous innovation of packaging technology. The overall upgrading of packaging machinery and equipment is the general trend of the development of packaging machinery in China and even the world. The main characteristics of upgrading are: a large number of modern high-precision technologies, electronic technology, microelectronics technology, edge technology and fuzzy technology that can realize self-regulation in civil and military industries are transplanted, and the reliability, safety, unmanned operation and other automation levels of packaging machinery and equipment and production lines are accelerated and further improved. Intellectualization will enter the whole field of packaging machinery and production lines

I. packing and cartoning equipment

domestic beer packing equipment can meet the requirements of medium and low-speed production lines of beer enterprises, but there is still a lack of automatic packing equipment for bag items packed with plastic bags and other materials. It is necessary to develop, research and manufacture as soon as possible, and develop complete sets of equipment for conveying, sorting and automatic sealing accordingly, as well as inkjet devices with reliable performance and low price. Focus on the development of various forms of outer packaging equipment, and simplify the structure of medium-sized goods cartoning equipment to improve speed and reliability

II. Strapping and packaging equipment

develop various forms of strapping machinery to promote the automation level of fruit and vegetable, daily necessities, and industrial material packaging in China. We will develop desktop and large-scale plastic bag strapping machines, expand the variety of strapping machines, research and develop strapping machines for pre adhesive tapes of side bonded goods, and develop automatic continuous steel belt strapping machines suitable for the strapping and packaging of heavy objects (steel, etc.). In terms of dismantling container equipment, it mainly develops various multifunctional dismantling and stacking equipment

III. measuring equipment

actively study and master the combined electronic scale technology, develop a variety of measurement methods, adapt to the needs of different materials, and improve the accuracy, speed and working stability of measurement

IV. corrugated board production and cartoning (box) and printing complete equipment

at present, there are many corrugated board production equipment in China, but most of them are backward products with low speed and high energy consumption. We must actively develop and upgrade products, focus on developing corrugated board production equipment with a width of more than 2 meters and 5, 7 and 9 layers, as well as cartoning (box) printing complete equipment. The production speed of the production line should be stabilized at more than 180mm, and actively cooperate with computer centralized control, Make the equipment performance and relevant technical parameters easy to adjust. Actively develop complete sets of honeycomb paperboard equipment

v. complete beer and beverage filling equipment

develop a series of complete beer and beverage filling equipment. Small and medium-sized beer and beverage filling equipment with an annual capacity of less than 50000 tons is a transitional product, which should be technically upgraded. Develop secondary pre vacuum filling machine to meet market demand; Develop high-speed labeling machine and fill the domestic gap; Research and develop all kinds of testing equipment and high-speed transportation technology. Because more than 80% of the domestic beer enterprises have a production capacity of 50000 tons a year, the equipment renewal period has begun. At present, there is an electronic universal experimental machine in the market. Under the condition that the concentration of ordinary 3-camera electric or frequency conversion Electromechanical is not high, we must seize the market opportunity and improve the product quality and performance of medium speed machinery in order to meet the needs of market development. We should follow the world development trend and actively develop new packaging technology. To develop production lines with a production capacity of more than 100000 tons per year, especially to overcome the technical difficulties of labeling machines. It is necessary to adapt to the centralized production of the beverage industry and fill the quota dispersedly; Develop on-site deployment technology and equipment, and develop multi-functional, fully automatic large-scale equipment with high-speed, low consumption, accurate measurement, automatic detection and other characteristics, so as to make the production efficiency of filling, capping, labeling and other processes consistent, and improve the overall technical level of beer and beverage filling

VI. bag forming, filling and sealing equipment

at present, the packaging industry urgently needs to solve the problem of automatic powder packaging, and develop [ll] series products and supporting devices to improve the packaging speed. The medium bag (500g bag) granular material packaging equipment can reach 60 bags per minute, and the small bag can reach more than 160 bags per minute. Focus on the development of packaging machines with a weighing range of about 1000 grams and suitable for single film and composite film packaging materials at the same time

VII. Wrapping equipment

improve the packaging capacity of domestic wrapping equipment, develop medium-sized wrapping equipment, and stabilize the packaging speed to 160 bags per minute. And improve product reliability and operation safety. At present, the application scope of domestic auxiliary equipment is expanding, so we should vigorously develop auxiliary equipment and improve packaging capacity

VIII. Sterile packaging equipment

improve the production capacity and operational reliability of small packaging equipment, develop cup type sterile small packaging machinery products, and fill the domestic gap. Accordingly, we should study various forms of sterilization and develop complete sets of equipment to meet various needs

IX. complete equipment for can making

develop mercury free welding wheels and special power supply for over-current and over temperature inspection, so as to improve the production speed and reach at least 80min by the end of the tenth five year plan

X. heavy bag packaging equipment

improve the quality and reliability of domestic semi-automatic large bag (more than 25kg) packaging machinery, and actively study full-automatic packaging equipment with a production capacity of bag h, so as to meet the needs of the development of packaging industry

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