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The impact of the 12th Five Year Plan of forestry on papermaking and forestry

the 12th Five Year Plan, the two sessions, inflation, RMB appreciation, and various domestic political and financial factors brought many hype topics to the capital market at the beginning of the year. At present, the forestry (12th Five Year Plan, anti inflation) and papermaking sectors (industrial upgrading, RMB appreciation) have always been lukewarm, especially the forestry stocks with overall good performance. Their stagflation is in contrast to the overall rise of the planting industry in the pan agricultural sector, and there is a living expectation

Recently, the State Forestry Administration issued the 12th Five Year Plan for forestry development (Draft for comments), which proposed to highlight the ten ecological barriers, ten leading industries, and key ecological culture, and this element does not contain metal lattice and insert base, and significantly increase the proportion of characteristic industries and emerging industries. At the beginning of the year, Jia Zhibang, director of the State Forestry Administration, also said that China would actively cultivate strategic emerging forestry industries

analysts said that after the forestry industry revitalization plan at the end of 2009, the 12th Five Year Plan is expected to add policy benefits to the industry

at the same time, the paper industry, which is located at the downstream of forestry, has also ushered in good news recently: last week, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that China had reached an internal decision to allow the RMB to appreciate. At the end of last week, zhouxiaochuan, the governor of the central bank, said that Chinese exporters could withstand the appreciation of the RMB, even by more than 3%. If the appreciation rate of the local currency is about 3%, it will benefit the paper sector. It is expected that the gross profit margin of the industry is expected to increase by 1.8% - 2.1%. In addition, as a traditional high pollution industry, the upgrading process of environmental protection, emission reduction and other industries of the paper industry is expected to accelerate during the 12th Five Year Plan period

Fujian Nanping Paper leads capital operation

in fact, although forestry and papermaking are relatively unpopular sectors in a shares, there are many listed companies with active capital operation, and the color of environmental protection first and resources king is relatively strong

Take Fujian Nanzhi as an example. Calcium and phosphorus are absorbed into newly grown bone tissue. Since November last year, a number of fixed assets have been transferred in succession, aiming to invest funds in product structure adjustment projects such as the expansion of bamboo (human) fiber pulp. Yesterday, it was announced to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Nanzhi biomass fiber (with a registered capital of 600million yuan) to build a project with an annual output of 96000 tons of bamboo (wood) dissolved pulp. Yesterday, huge orders swept the market frequently, with a maximum increase of 8.02%, and the closing price was still up 3.74% to close at 5.82 yuan, approaching a new high since last year. It has to be mentioned that Jilin chemical fiber, which already has the scale of bamboo fiber industry, has seen a sharp rise in the price rise of cotton in the second half of last year, which is obviously quite bought by the market

on Shanying paper, the company announced last week that the fixed increase has been approved by the CSRC. It is planned to raise 1.2 billion yuan at a fixed increase of 4.56 yuan/share, and invest in the project of 450000 tons of low gram heavy-duty vermicelli cardboard with an annual output. The company has solid waste incineration technology and waste comprehensive utilization technology. The gross profit margin of its main carton board is higher than that of its peers because it uses waste paper as the main raw material. It is expected that many burrs were filtered out last year, and the net profit will increase by 180% year-on-year. Yesterday, the stock also rose 3.66% to close at 5.67 yuan

factor 4: among the electromechanical and forestry stocks, Zhongfu industry, which completed the restructuring last year, currently has a forest reserve of 16million cubic meters, with outstanding resource reserve advantages. At the end of last year, the private placement attracted the active participation of three industrial funds, social security 106 and capital giants Jiangsu Ruihua and Shanghai Zendai. The stock closed negative only twice in the past 13 trading days, rising 1.55% yesterday to close at 8.53 yuan

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