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Improving product quality Sany leads China's export machinery to the high end

improving product quality Sany is still a new topic leading China's export machinery to the high end

information on China's construction machinery

Guide: on April 5, Sany group, a construction machinery manufacturer based in Hunan of the US business week, plans to conquer the world. When the workers in blue overalls and yellow hard hats worked hard on the giant mobile hydraulic crane and concrete mixer, the president tangxiuguo was nearby

April 5 Business Week Sany group, a construction machinery manufacturer based in Hunan, plans to conquer the world. When workers in blue overalls and yellow hard hats worked hard on giant mobile hydraulic cranes and concrete mixers and used computers to display the experimental process and experimental curves, President tangxiuguo was talking about the Sany plants in Brazil, India and the United States in his nearby office, and about completing the merger and acquisition of Germany Putzmeister machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd, The acquisition will cost US $475million. Tangxiuguo is one of the four founders of the company with a history of 22 years. He plans to increase the company's overseas sales from about 5% of the company's revenue to 20% within five years. The company's sales are expected to reach $16billion this year

the proportion of heavy industry exports soared

the word "made in China" reminds people of cheap shoes, plastic toys and electronic products assembled in Foxconn's huge factories. China has established a strong export industry on the basis of light industry and electronic assembly, with an annual growth rate of 17% in the past 30 years, but this situation is changing rapidly. Rising labor costs (an annual increase of 15% since 2005) and currency appreciation have put new pressure on the low-cost manufacturing model in China as a whole, leading to the closure or relocation of textile, footwear and clothing factories to Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh. The British based Kaitou international macroeconomic consulting company wrote in the research draft on March 28: "China's share of the world's low-end exports has begun to decline. This reflects that Chinese manufacturers are turning to higher profit industries rather than failing in competition."

for example, according to the data of Clarkson shipping company, a shipping service company based in London, ships made in China dominate the global market. Last year, the market share reached 41%, far exceeding that of South Korea and Japan. The data of the Joint Machinery International Trade Center of the United Nations and the world trade organization also show that China's global market share in railway locomotives and trains, machinery and industrial boilers has also increased significantly. In terms of construction machinery under Sany group, three Chinese companies, including Sany, have ranked among the top ten in the world. Many new exporters are producing inland rather than coastal China

according to the data of Longzhou economic information consulting company based in Beijing, in general, the proportion of heavy industry, in which machinery accounts for about 2/3, in China's exports has increased from 29% in 2001 to 38.7% last year, surpassing light industry and electronics. Andrew, the company's research director? "They are making different products with higher technology and more money," Bateson said He estimated that by 2020, new industries could help China increase its share of global exports from the current 10% to 15%. "Now we are going deep into technology marketing, quality marketing and service marketing. The typical Chinese exporter is no longer a shoe factory in Guangdong, but a certain type of equipment or machinery manufacturer."

taking developing countries as the main target

while Europe, which is still China's largest export market, is struggling to cope with its debt crisis, quhongle, head of the wall reform office of Shaanxi Provincial Department of construction, said that Chinese machinery manufacturers are targeting India, South America and the Middle East. According to Louis Gaul, an economist at the Hong Kong Economic Research Institute, last year, Europe, the United States and Japan accounted for 48 percent of China's total exports, down from 56.1 percent in 2003, while developing countries accounted for the majority. Tang of Sany group said, "we have advantages because our technology and product level are more suitable for these countries. Moreover, our price is slightly lower than that of other international brands."

although new manufacturers in China have not yet competed in developed markets, they have challenged caterpillar, Siemens, general electric and other established equipment manufacturers in South America and Russia. China's construction machinery industry will soon surpass Japan and Germany and become the world's second largest exporter after the United States

with Sany's overseas expansion, it plans to improve the quality of its products to meet the product quality of its newly acquired Putzmeister machinery company

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