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Improving technical strength 263 R & D center completed as the earliest enterprise involved in the field of enterprise communication in China, 26sanluo Communication Co., Ltd. has always taken technology as the core driving force for its own development and has always been committed to combining technology with user needs. It has made great progress in data communication, voice communication, video communication and other fields

in order to comply with the development of the times and the growing demand of users such as sticking face bricks, reliable measures must be taken to meet the communication needs. 263 network communication quickly adjusted its own development strategy. At the beginning of 2012, Beijing 263 Enterprise Communication Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of 263 network communication, was established to focus more on the field of enterprise communication. It is mainly engaged in 263 enterprise mailbox, 263em enterprise instant messaging, 263 cloud communication and other enterprise communication products. It also invested more than 20 million yuan and took nearly two years to build the 263 network communication Changping R & D center

it is reported that the Changping R & D center of 263 network communication was founded in March, 2012, and will be used for call center and R & D and production room after completion. The total floor area is about 824 square meters. China's experimental machine industry can basically meet the needs of the domestic market in terms of technology and product development. It is divided into six floors (including the underground floor), of which the first, second and third floors are used by the call center. 4、 The fifth floor is the R & D Center for the R & D and production of 263 technicians

at present, 263 has more than 100 R & D personnel. With the development of the enterprise, there is still much room for improvement in the future. After the R & D center is completed, the 263 network communication R & D center will serve as the base for R & D and testing of 263 network communication technology, carrying various R & D projects of the company

as a wholly-owned subsidiary of 263 network communication, 263 enterprise communication has followed the spirit of innovation of 263 network communication. It has successively launched mail accelerator, IMAP transmission encryption, intelligent mail and other functions according to the needs of enterprise users, in order to obtain a better communication experience. 263 enterprise mailbox has won the first place in the market share for three consecutive years and won wide recognition from the market and users

as another core product of 263 enterprise communication bsi676 L 2, 263 cloud communication welcomes the blowout development expressed by relevant personnel of the national standards committee, and quickly enters and occupies a place in the field of enterprise communication. 263 cloud communication is an enterprise communication product that can provide a one-stop communication solution developed by 263 enterprise communication combining the concepts of integrated communication and unified communication, and using the express of cloud computing technology and mobile communication technology. 263 cloud communication integrates common communication products such as enterprise mailbox, enterprise IM, enterprise conference, SMS and so on, and adopts big data storage and management to make enterprise communication more efficient, safer and more controllable

it is understood that the Changping R & D center of 26sanluo communication will be officially put into use in may2013. This will be another major turning point for 263 to move towards a broader market

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