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Improve the ability of system solutions to reshape the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry

improve the ability of system solutions to reshape the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry

China Construction Machinery Information. No matter how inclusive and farsighted Germany's industry 4.0 and the United States' industrial interconnection are, there is no question about what tools and ways they need to achieve their set goals. The answer is that only based on the common needs of informatization, networking and intelligence in the manufacturing industry, the system solutions formed for different characteristics of different manufacturing industries are the core and key tools to enrich, enhance and reshape the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. This is also true from the perspective of actively promoting the "Internet +" manufacturing industry and striving to build a new industrial system

great practical significance of improving the ability to provide system solutions

grasp the global competitive dominance of intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing is the core of a new round of global technology and product mix, including semi-finished products and engineering support industry. The ability to provide system solutions is the core of the competition. Germany and the United States spare no effort to promote their respective intelligent manufacturing development strategies, which is to a large extent equivalent to the promotion of their cross industry, whole chain and comprehensive system solutions by multinational enterprises such as Siemens, sap and Ge, so as to seize the leading power in the reconstruction process of the current global industrial chain, value chain and industrial ecosystem. For example, Siemens' Siemens plmsoftware platform has created and managed more than 48% of the global 3D data; GE's predix system is open to global enterprises and plans to build it into an Android system in the field of industrial interconnection

solve the current development dilemma of domestic manufacturing industry. The return of high-end manufacturing industry triggered by the "Reindustrialization" strategy of developed countries and the diversion of middle and low-end manufacturing industry in developing countries to accelerate the industrialization process have made China's manufacturing industry face increasingly heavy double pressure. It is urgent to form intelligent manufacturing system solutions with prominent practical significance, high feasibility and significant demonstration effect, so as to reshape the core competitiveness of the industry. At present, such a trend has emerged in some industries in China: for example, Qingdao soft control provides a "turnkey project" for the intelligent factory in the rubber tire industry, which has greatly promoted the overall competitive advantage of China's rubber tire industry. Shenzhen rapoo technology has created an intelligent factory solution for the electronic information manufacturing industry and promoted the intelligent transformation of labor-intensive electronic manufacturing industries such as keyboard, mouse, remote controller and navigator

open up a "blue ocean" market for domestic intelligent manufacturing related enterprises. As the world's largest manufacturing country with a global manufacturing scale accounting for 20% and an export of industrial manufactured products accounting for one seventh of the global trade in manufactured products, China has the world's largest market demand for intelligent hydrostatic testing machine operational manufacturing system solutions. In the face of emerging markets that have not yet been fully developed by multinational enterprises, a number of domestic enterprises have taken active action. Relying on the assembly handling robot with completely independent intellectual property rights, Shenyang Xinsong robot provides intelligent three-dimensional warehouse construction scheme for manufacturing enterprise users. Alibaba launched the "Amoy factory" business, which evolved from providing an e-commerce trading platform to providing intelligent, flexible and customized manufacturing solutions with deep user participation, high supply chain collaboration and iterative innovation through the mode of offline factory digitalization and factory capacity commercialization

the main implementation path for the ability of system solutions to provide

intelligent manufacturing system solutions is to focus on the development needs of manufacturing informatization, networking and intellectualization, to build an industrial intelligent manufacturing system (CPS) as the core, to realize mutual inductance identification, real-time interaction and information integration of manufacturing elements and resources such as people, equipment, products and services, and to take user functions Product form and supply mode are characterized by sustainable evolution, relying on the integrated, flexible and customized services provided by software and hardware products and systems. At present, there are five main implementation paths in China:

first, the business extension and level improvement of industry supporting manufacturers. The supporting manufacturers rely on their outstanding R & D and processing and manufacturing capabilities to extend their business to the automation, information and intelligent construction fields of user enterprises. From the parts suppliers, the maintenance life of ball screw is much higher than that of trapezoidal screw. They are intelligent manufacturing system integrators. Qingdao soft control has gradually extended from providing control software for rubber tire batching process to hardware products such as batching auxiliary machinery and processing equipment, and then developed into a full life cycle management system. Wuxi best has developed from providing key auto parts to providing system solutions for the construction of intelligent factories in the automotive industry

second, joint innovation by professional information technology manufacturers. Several IT manufacturers jointly innovate service modes and product forms to jointly create intelligent manufacturing system solutions that meet the needs of users and enterprises. Beijing Digital Dafang and Beijing computing center jointly build an industrial cloud platform to provide cloud services covering multiple links of production and manufacturing

third, the information technology service departments of large manufacturing enterprises were stripped off and restructured. The information departments of large manufacturing enterprises set up companies independently, transforming from internal organizations to market-oriented, self financing intelligent manufacturing system solution providers. XCMG information, formerly the information management department of XCMG group, has 76 software copyrights and a team of nearly 200 employees. At present, its customers include Samsung heavy industry, Weichai Power, Shaangu power and other well-known equipment manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad

fourth, the strategic transformation of equipment manufacturing enterprises. The new generation of information technology represented by Internet is deeply integrated with production equipment, accelerating the strategic transformation of equipment manufacturing enterprises to system solution providers. Shenyang Machine Tool Group has built the interconnection of machine tools, integrated the design, manufacturing, service, supply chain, user and other links of machine tool processing into the cloud, and realized the full life cycle management of intelligent machine tools through monitoring and tracing the processing and manufacturing process

fifth, the business expansion of manufacturing enterprises to consolidate their competitive advantages. Manufacturing enterprises that take the lead in adopting intelligent equipment such as numerical control machine tools begin to expand system solution business to consolidate the first mover advantage. Guangdong Changying precision has set up a professional intelligent manufacturing equipment and solution subsidiary to further support its own intelligent transformation and unmanned factory construction

suggestions on measures to improve the ability to provide system solutions

integrate into relevant national top-level design, coordinate concept innovation, scientific and technological innovation and mode innovation, take technology as the guide, service as the support, and application as the traction, firmly grasp the lifeline of safety and controllability, highlight the sense of mission and sense, and continue to strengthen the ability to provide intelligent manufacturing system solutions

first, organize the pilot demonstration of industrial system solutions. With the enterprise as the main body, the market as the guide and the application as the core, focusing on the key links of manufacturing, in key areas and industries with good basic conditions and urgent needs, select a number of pilot enterprises of industrial system solutions that play a leading and exemplary role in the fields of intelligent equipment, intelligent factory, intelligent service, intelligent supply chain and new manufacturing models, constantly refine and summarize effective experience and models, and carry out industrial demonstration and application promotion

second, encourage and support enterprises' collaborative innovation around system solutions. Relying on existing financial funds such as industrial transformation and upgrading and intelligent manufacturing projects, we will study and establish an intelligent manufacturing system solution investment fund with a more market-oriented operation mechanism and more diversified participants, and support and guide manufacturing enterprises, solution enterprises and Internet enterprises to establish a collaborative innovation mechanism. Around the core links such as physical simulation, industrial sensing, human-computer interaction, system architecture and agile network, a number of cross-border integrated manufacturing innovation centers have been formed to carry out research and industrial application of key common and major technologies of intelligent manufacturing system solutions

third, strengthen the construction of information physics system (CPS) verification platform. Relying on scientific research institutes, universities and large enterprises, and focusing on key industries, establish an experimental bed for comprehensive CPS verification capability of the industry, and carry out compatibility, adaptation, interconnection and interoperability testing and verification of key technologies, networks, platforms and application environments. Support third-party organizations to establish a CPS security test and evaluation platform to test and evaluate the security performance of CPS key software, sensors, mobile terminal equipment, industrial networks, etc

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