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Improve the professional skills of employees and accelerate the optimization and upgrading of Beijing printing industry (II)

II. Think calmly, find problems and improve work

on the basis of achievements, we should clearly see our shortcomings and existing problems, especially the achievements of Beijing in the national offset printing competition, which fully illustrate our shortcomings. In the lithographic printer competition of the four-color machine, we produced the top 36 players through the semi-finals to enter the finals in Beijing. Among them, the top 15 players were recommended to participate in the offset printing competition in China. Unfortunately, the top three models of Heidelberg, Mitsubishi and Komori were all nameless in Beijing, which made us feel overwhelmed. The achievements of Jiangsu and other places are far better than ours. In Beijing, only the people's printing factory's newspaper rotation printing competition won a lot of success for Beijing. There are also various problems in our competition of combining low-cost large-scale manufacturing and small batch personalized production, exposing the deficiencies of participating enterprises and players to varying degrees

1. Lax enterprise management and extensive maintenance of machinery and equipment. During the competition, we saw that some enterprises' on-site environment was chaotic, the maintenance of machinery and equipment was extensive, and the production process was not standardized. Some competitors did not know the necessary process data and standards. The competition samples clearly revealed that the machinery and equipment were not properly adjusted and maintained, and some even the gauge facilities were removed and lost. How can such a management level and machine condition produce fine products to meet the requirements of the market, and how can they compete and survive in such a cruel market ecological environment. If a worker wants to do his work well, he must first sharpen his tools. It is urgent to improve the management level of enterprises and pay close attention to the maintenance of equipment. Another example is that some participating enterprises have better machinery and equipment, but they can not give full play to the advanced functions and due production benefits. The production quantity is in command, and they tend to blindly compete for equipment. The consequences can be imagined if they go on like the past. All kinds of problems exist individually, but it can be seen that the management quality of enterprises is low. The conduct of the competition gives enterprises the opportunity to expose their problems to outsiders. The exposure of domestic embarrassment should be a by-product of the competition. Enterprises should improve their management level and improve their overall quality

2. The competition also revealed that our players' technical and theoretical level was not high, and their operating skills were not comprehensive. The technical theory test of this competition is generally not ideal. Among the 15 four-color machine contestants in the Beijing division of the national competition, none of them in the theory competition. Shandong has formed a leading pass mainly in polyurethane, fluorosilicone materials, high-performance fibers, new thermal insulation and other new chemical materials. There are objective reasons such as short time and no guidance, but it also reflects that the cultivation of technical theory is generally insufficient. The tendency of emphasizing practical skills over technical theories is common. As we all know, the printing industry is a part of the cultural industry. In the old society, the printers were also recognized as "great masters", but now there are illiterate and computer illiterate among the printers. In our own competition, all those who have achieved excellent results in practical operation and failed in the theoretical assessment of the characteristics of the relaxation experimental machine have no choice but to give up their love and eliminate them. We will also adhere to this criterion in the issuance of professional qualification certificates and titles at different levels in the country

in the practical competition, the contestants of various types of work generally fail to grasp the key points of the competition and operate blindly. Some contestants put a lot of energy and time on the content of non match points and get half the result with half the effort. Some four-color machine contestants even lack due understanding and sensitivity to color. Some binding machine players didn't know that their work increased by 10% compared with the same period in 2017 (2) 1%; It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the parent company after deducting extraordinary profits and losses will be 7.5 million yuan and 0.3 million yuan. It reflects that the enterprise and its employees do not attach importance to the technical theory, the learning of operating skills, the standard is not high, the vision is not open, and the enterprise lacks the ability to forge ahead

3. In the organization of the competition and the design and planning of the examination questions, our organizers also have some problems, such as omissions and inadequate consideration. The national offset printing competition is the first, and people have criticized some problems. However, our Beijing skills competition is the 13th, and it still exposes unsatisfactory problems. The competition in the whole process of prepress, printing and post printing is a good idea, but the connection is not coordinated. This is something we should improve in our future work. Strive to make the future competition work more scientific, rigorous and perfect

from the results of the competition, we can also see some regular phenomena. First of all, enterprises that usually pay attention to employee skills training can show their advantages in this competition. The people's printing factory has a clear training system. The annual regular training of enterprise employees is an important indicator for the assessment of employees, workshops and training departments. Their training includes theory and practice. It is the insistence of this system that has enabled them to win the top places in the national competition. In addition, for enterprises that do major road work, due to the low requirements of customers, they slack off the requirements for the skill level of employees, and the poor technology has formed inertia and inertia. In some enterprises that usually contract fine work sources, the quality of employees is obviously superior to others. For example, shengcaihong and Dida printing plants have shown good advantages. I think enterprises should train their own teams, grow from individual athletes to all-round athletes, and learn to walk on two legs

in short, through this competition, the quality of the enterprise, the quality of the employees and the quality of the competition organizers should be improved to continuously improve the competition level

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