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Learn from foreign experience and comprehensively improve the level of China's label industry (Part 2)

careful calculation, less employment and higher labor productivity

the above three label printing enterprises and one flexographic printing equipment manufacturing enterprise pay great attention to saving labor, and never use two people for what one worker can afford. This is because the wages in Europe are relatively high (the monthly salary of each worker is generally about 4000 euros, equivalent to about 40000 yuan), High wages affect the cost of products. Therefore, they pay great attention to saving labor and make careful calculations in employment. For example, only one person is needed to operate an 8-color flexographic press (only 2-3 people are needed in China, and 5 workers are used at most). Color · label a/s company has 7 flexo printing machines, while the whole factory has only 16 employees, which is very smart. But the sales volume is 4million euros a year

labor productivity of several enterprises

enterprise name number of employees (person) annual sales (Euro) labor productivity (per capita)

rako 740125.17 million euros

color · label 164.25 million euros

labelco 288.85 million euros

nilmeter 350 135.85 million euros

note: 1) the labor productivity of China's printing enterprises is 100000 yuan per capita

2) 1 euro is about 10 yuan

pay attention to environmental protection and labor protection

we visited and investigated these enterprises see that, They attach great importance to environmental protection and labor protection. The inks used by these label printing enterprises for flexo printing are environmentally friendly, water-based inks and UV inks, which do not contain toxic substances, and are currently "the only non-toxic ink approved by the American food and Drug Association in all printing methods". Therefore, flexographic printing is also known as green printing, which is widely used in the packaging of food, beverage, medicine, health products, cosmetics and so on. Unlike commonly used solvent based inks, in which VOC (organic volatile matter) emissions are large, some inorganic pigments contain heavy metal elements such as lead, chromium, copper and mercury, which are toxic and can not be used for printing food, cosmetics packaging and children's toys. Some organic pigments contain biphenyl glue, which has carcinogenic ingredients. The measures taken by these enterprises in terms of environmental protection in the production workshop mainly include: waste ink recycling device, unified waste discharge device for centralized waste discharge, odor treatment device, exhaust device, centralized waste paper treatment and other facilities. People can not smell the smell of ink when entering the production workshop

in addition, in order to reduce the impact of machine noise on workers' bodies, many "earplugs" are prepared in the workshop for operators to use at any time. At the same time, each machine is also equipped with a device to play music to reduce workers' fatigue

attach importance to corporate culture

these enterprise leaders attach great importance to corporate culture. Mr. Lars Eriksen, President of nilmeter, has a deep understanding ----- professor lihaimei, School of materials science and engineering, Zhengzhou University, has learned that the success of an enterprise depends on the collective wisdom and efforts of all employees. In order to enhance the cohesion and strengthen the communication between employees and enterprise leaders at any time, the company adopts a fully open office environment in the form of no wall. Employees talk to leaders at any time and make suggestions. The boss eats, drinks coffee and chats with employees, so that the boss can truly live among the masses

each machine in the workshop is hung with the operator's brand to show respect and honor

in order to encourage employees to use it to drink water and strive for success and provide reasonable suggestions for enterprises, many companies have posted many striking slogans and slogans in their workshops as encouragement

for example, a successful person is a person who takes immediate action.

time is money. Here, every minute is 4.5 euros

not to eat small things, but to eat fast and slow

if you can stay in this enterprise for ten years, you will certainly have a lot of creativity

in fact, corporate culture is just a kind of atmosphere. Any words are not important. A good corporate culture is charming. It can make every employee love the enterprise and be willing to contribute to the enterprise. To do this, we need to move every employee. In short, the corporate culture focuses on moving employees, and moving employees is the core of corporate culture

looking at the above situation, it is not difficult to see that the whole label market in the world, whether in Europe, North America, Asia and other places, is in the ascendant and booming period. In a country with only 5.53 million people in Denmark, there are more than 60 label printing enterprises of various kinds. The per capita label consumption in Denmark is 15 square meters, which is higher than that in Germany (at present, the per capita label consumption in China is less than 1 square meter). It is understood that during the exhibition, only Nilpeter signed 50 flexographic printing equipment. It can be seen from the exhibition that the global label printing market is in a rapid development momentum

due to the short time and language, the understanding is not enough. The parts manufactured by the traditional incremental technology are made of titanium and nickel based superalloys and are accurate, and there may be some omissions

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