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The world's first large-scale advertising grating screen inside a glass sphere dazzles Meiluo city recently, Shanghai Xujiahui Meiluo city once again focused the attention of the society. Its glass curtain wall is equipped with a super large advertising grating screen, which perfectly matches its elegant appearance. The whole spherical building is like a colorful dress. Since the construction of the project began, many past customers and pedestrians on the street began to look forward to the new look of the Meiluo city building, which won the "Magnolia Award" and "Luban Award". At the end of November, the screen was lit up, which immediately attracted thousands of citizens to stop and take photos. It has waterproof, sound insulation, vibration absorption and other auxiliary functions. Many people marveled that the screen is really dazzling, comparable to the "Oriental Pearl TV Tower", adding another scenery to Shanghai

this kind of large glass spherical grating advertising screen is rare in China and the world. It is understood that this is the first large glass spherical building in the world to install advertising grating screen, covering an area of 3000 square meters. The merchants settled in meluo city are very satisfied with this, and believe that this form of advertising will bring a new climax to their business activities. How is such a huge sphere installed? The density distribution of the north and south poles is uneven. How to achieve color consistency? How to achieve the integrity of the picture with such a large space? I believe many people will have these questions. With these questions, I visited several settled businesses and on-site installation workers. According to them, the entire installation is to assemble all the light strips along the original steel pipe site of the building, and the whole height is more than 40 meters, which is difficult to imagine; In order to reduce the color deviation caused by the difference of viewing angles, the layout of pixels on all gratings is staggered horizontally and vertically to ensure the unity of each viewing angle, and the control of dots is adopted to make the whole picture look consistent and complete. The difficulty of this project is obvious. Only powerful manufacturers can achieve such good results. It is understood that the project was undertaken by an enterprise from Shenzhen

after verification, this enterprise is Shenzhen Han's Yuanheng optoelectronics Co., Ltd., located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen. It has been engaged in the research, development and production of three new Ingeo formulas for LED display based on its thermal stability technology for more than ten years. It has the same strong R & D technology advantage as a deal. It can customize personalized products for different customer needs, and can undertake a one-stop complete scheme from design to product development to engineering construction and installation, It is rare for LED manufacturers in China to have such technology and services, so that customers can truly feel at ease, at ease and at ease. The enterprise has the most mature technology, the most complete service, the highest personalized demand realization rate and the largest market share in Shenzhen. It has produced and installed the largest LED display screen in Shenzhen. It is located in the Greater China International Financial Center, with an area of 1500 square meters. It is known as the "Shenzhen screen king" in the industry. Recently, the newly opened LED display screen project at the entrance and exit of Shenzhen T3 terminal is also undertaken by the company. In addition to the display screen, the company also develops and produces LED lighting and traffic guidance screens. The products are well-known at home and exported overseas

according to Mr. Zhong, the chief engineer of the company, at the beginning of the design of the project, the high-temperature and high humidity environment in the spherical glass building was fully taken into account, and the design was completely in accordance with the highest protection standard for outdoor display screen, with the protection grade reaching IP67 to ensure its safe and stable operation. The hollowed out design retains the design aesthetic feeling of the original building to the greatest extent, has almost no impact on the appearance of the original building, and effectively solves the architectural aesthetic problem of LED display application. In addition, its light transmittance is more than 90%, which has no impact on indoor lighting and line of sight

the value of this led display application project is not only reflected in business, but also a highlight project of Shanghai urban beautification. We expect it to bring more wonderful visual feast to Shanghai citizens and visitors

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