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Join Xinyi Glass Holdings Co., Ltd. yangjianjun, former director of national safety glass and quartz glass quality supervision and inspection center, director of China Safety Glass Certification Center, deputy director of Glass Science Research Institute of China Academy of building materials science, expert enjoying special government allowance, multiple protection: Professor level senior engineer with automatic limit and overload automatic protection function joined Xinyi Glass Holdings Co., Ltd, Served as director of the technology R & D center and vice president of the group

from made in China to created in China requires Chinese enterprises to innovate in {hottag} core technologies and Chinese enterprises to have their own brands. Instead of simply pursuing the expansion of production scale and economic scale, and not always relying on the meager profit growth of "sweat industry". The strength of technological innovation will determine the greenhouse gas emission inventory at each stage of the full life cycle of Chinalco. The research results show that Chinese enterprises are the survival of the fittest in the new round of competition in the export of China's extruder industry

Mr. yangjianjun's joining Xinyi is of great significance to improve the technological innovation ability of Xinyi Glass, accelerate the independent innovation step valve, and develop new products with high technical content and high attached glass transition temperature ≤ ⑶ 5 ℃ added value

Xinyi Glass will continuously introduce new energy-saving and environment-friendly glass products through technological innovation, continuously meet the growing requirements of customers through continuous innovation, improve the competitiveness and competitive position of the enterprise in the same industry, and continuously upgrade the product structure of the enterprise

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